Blogmas 2017 day 12

So the list thing I was following for blogmas has a few days that to be quite honest, are crap lol today’s one was something like ‘winter wonderland show where you live’ and in all honesty the picture wouldn’t be that great as it woulda just been out of my window and I’m sure people aren’t interested in a view of rain, houses, a doctor surgery and part of a field it’s not overly Christmassy looking!

Then I think tomorrow’s one is how do you count down to Christmas…again what can I really write about an advent calendar? So I am going to be missing a few days because I just don’t have decent answers for them, but I will still be answering the good ones on the days they’re meant for according to the list.

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Blogmas 2017 day 11

Christmas food: what’s on the menu

I love Christmas dinner. Mainly because it’s just a roast dinner really which is one of my favourite meals. So I think this year it’ll be the usual chicken, gravy, vegetables, roast potatoes, mums homemade yorkie pud, pigs in blankets and maybe cauliflower cheese too. Then pudding will be trifle made by me, then chocolate cake/ice cream for my daughter and any Xmas puddings the others want.

Some of these questions for this blogmas thing have really boring answers lol so I apologise! But I’ll keep at it purely for something to do lol I’m going xmas shopping Thursday with my stepdad for some last little bits so may be able to do a post on whatever I manage to get

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Blogmas 2017 day 10

Show us your cookies or recipes

I’m not really a cookie maker, I don’t have the space for rolling stuff out etc and I’m shite with icing and decorating lol I do usually make my mum and stepdad birthday cakes though- mum usually has a cheesecake and stepdad has lemon drizzle. I make an awesome marble cake and spicy fruit cake though!

At Christmas I’ll be making the pudding again- I don’t like Christmas puddings or cakes and can’t really eat ice cream because it sets off my IBS, so I make trifle instead 🙂

I usually buy a Madeira cake and slice it up to use as a base in the trifle bowl. Then I make some strawberry jelly I buy the glitter one though you can’t really see it when it’s set, add in cut up strawberries and pour it over the Madeira cake base to set. Once the jelly is set not too hard I hate jelly that is too hard I pour on custard then finish it with squirty cream and sprinkles if I have any. Nice and easy and tastes lovely. This year I’ll be making another jelly too but I’ll be putting it into little bowls/glasses rather than doing a big one as it’s mainly for my mum and stepdad- gonna do the same Madeira cake base, but have orange jelly, then chocolate custard, squirty cream and cut up Jaffa cakes on the top. I don’t like any jelly other than strawberry so I won’t be eating that one but I’m sure it’ll turn out nice too 🙂

My daughter is beyond fussy with food, so I’m gonna buy a chocolate caterpillar cake to see if she’ll eat that for pudding not that she’ll really eat a dinner but I’ll try because she has it for her birthday and eats it then so fingers crossed will eat it for Xmas! If not I will…tis my favourite cake 😂

I’ll have to remember to take a photo of the yorkie pud my mum makes for Xmas dinner…they always come out huge lol

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Blogmas day 9

Winter items you can’t live without

I don’t think I have any specific winter items if I’m honest. I’m currently waiting on a face cream to arrive from Superdrug as the cold weather and having to have heating on constantly is making my face so dry, so who knows maybe that will become a winter must have for me!

I guess really I’d be lost without my snuggly pyjamas, dressing gown, thick socks and blankets in the winter. I hate being cold, and I’m one of those people that is cold almost all the time my hands are often like ice.

The best thing I’ve ever got though, is my electric blanket for my bed. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s got 3 settings, but I normally just whack it on the highest as it warms up the quickest. Great for warming up icy cold feet! And the added bonus is that it’s great if you have issues with joint pain etc- my lower back can sometimes get trapped nerves and the blanket is brilliant for soothing it.

So yeah I guess those are my winter items. Nothing exciting I’m afraid sorry!

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Blogmas 2017 day 8

What’s on your wish list this year?

I’m always genuinely grateful for any gift I receive whether it’s on my wish list or not, I’m even grateful just to receive a card or even a personal text not just one that’s been sent to everyone saying merry Christmas but one that is only for me as it all shows that I’ve been thought about even just for a moment.

Of course there’s multiple things out there I want, some of which are affordable and others I wouldn’t dream of asking for such as a new laptop, money for another driving test and eventually a car for example. I never actually ask anyone for anything. With my mum and Nan if they ask me what I’d like I usually tell them the books or DVD’s I want because I know they’re not stupidly priced.

So here’s 10 random things from my wish list that I would like to get, thought if I don’t get them as gifts, I won’t be disappointed or anything I’ll just wait til after Christmas and buy them for myself at some point lol

The first 5 starting from the top:

Rafiki Pop Vinyl Figure purely because he’s one of my favourite Disney characters and it’s one of my nicknames.

Unicorns, I Love Them colouring book because I’ve always loved unicorns from a young age and I have a thing for colouring books.

Q&A A Day 5 Year Journal just looked interesting to me I enjoy answering questions

Sterling Silver Deathly Hallows Necklace I don’t want my skin going green and I just love the story of the Deathly Hallows that’s told in the Harry Potter movie.

Jareth Pop Vinyl Figure I’ve got Hoggle, Sarah, The Worm, and Jareth in his other outfit but I still need this one and Ludo to complete the collection. Labyrinth is my favourite film of all time and David Bowie is my absolute idol and inspiration.

Blowfish’s Oceanopedia Book I adore The Blowfish he’s a great bloke that I’ve followed online for a while and been lucky enough to chat to before via social media and YouTube.

P!nk Beautiful Trauma CD forever my girl crush, and my daughter loves the songs What About Us and Beautiful Trauma on this album she sings to it whenever it’s advertised on TV.

Where Am I Now? Mara Wilson Book just because she’s awesome and I think I’d enjoy reading her story in her own words.

Linkin Park One More Light CD always been a massive fan of LP, was so sad with the news of Chester passing away. The songs on this album sound really good, of course especially One More Light.

Lethal Weapon Series 1 DVD I am obsessed with this series! It’s driving me mad having to wait for Series 2. Also got a soft spot for Clayne and Damon 😂

What’s on your wish list?

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Blogmas 2017 Day 7

Handmade Christmas: your favourites to give or get

I’m not really good at making gifts if I’m honest, I’ve made a couple things out of Hama beads for people but nothing amazing. Like this bear for my Nan for example: And I’m beyond crap at card making lol I love getting handmade gifts though, because it takes time and effort to make someone something.

My mum is really good at crochet, so she often makes me and my daughter little gifts. She actually made me this little gnome with a deathly hallows symbol on it from Harry Potter which tbh I will have hanging up all year round not just for Christmas (the other one she made for her friend)

As for cards, I always keep special cards, especially handmade ones. For Christmas this year I bought some little wooden boxes from The Works and got my daughter to paint them for my mum, Nan, and stepdad as a nice little gift.

They also have a little wooden Christmas tree inside them which has also been painted by her, and I’ve put one in the card for my Great Uncle Ken and Great Aunty Sue because Aunty sue is quite sentimental over little things like that.

I’ve been telling myself to finish a latch hook rug thing I’ve been doing for ages for my Nan for Xmas, but I get bored easily of doing it. I really must Atleast try and get into it again, I think I’m just over half way with it now. Doubt it’ll be done for Christmas…maybe next Christmas haha!

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Blogmas 2017 day 6

When do you open presents?

When my mum was with her ex, I would wake up Xmas morning but only be allowed to take my stocking into my mums room to open once she had made herself and him a cuppa. Then we’d all sit on her bed opening our stocking presents. We’d then all get dressed and head down stairs where we’d wait for my Nan to arrive and open our presents. In the evenings we would go over to his parents house where we would then have more presents to open.

These days however, we sometimes open some presents on Xmas eve that are maybe from friends- this year my mums friend has apparently put a bag together for us so we’ll probably open those on Xmas eve. Christmas morning I usually have to wake my daughter up otherwise she’d sleep late, get us both up and dressed then go downstairs and wait for my stepdad to come in from milking (he’s a dairy farmer) which is usually around 10 ish if nothing has gone wrong lol then we all have our bags of presents and open them all together in the living room before having something for lunch unlike a lot of families that have their Xmas dinner at about 1pm, we have ours at around 6:30pm because again my stepdad has cows to milk and it’s better to have dinner once he’s finished so that he can relax for the evening afterwards.

I could never be one of those families who opens presents after dinner…the suspense would drive me mad 😂

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