BooHoo Review 

Just after Christmas I treated myself to two new jumpers. I very rarely buy myself clothes, especially as at the moment I’m at that awkward inbetween size with a lot of stuff…joys of being skinny then having a baby and then slowly losing weight! 


I’ve never ordered from BooHoo before, but I was watching a haul video on YouTube that Sophie Louise had done and she had bought a lovely looking jumper that I loved the look of straight away, so I checked out the website and saw there was a sale on! 


The first item I bought was very different to what I usually buy. I usually stick to wearing dark colours, but I braved it and ordered a dusky pink coloured jumper. (The one I had seen on YouTube) now it was labelled as an “over sized jumper”, and because I like to be extra cosy, I ordered it in the size Xtra Large. However, when it arrived it most definitely isn’t what I’d call over sized. It’s baggy in the sense of not being tight to your body, and the arms are a decent length (would of liked them to be a tad longer) but the length of the jumper is fairly short; it doesn’t even cover ya bum! Now to me oversized would mean it could be worn with leggings and cover your bum, maybe that’s just my idea of “over sized”? Other than the sizing not being what I expected, the colour and quality of the material is beautiful. It’s comfortable, washes well, and is so warm to wear. I think I’ll definitely be braving that colour and some other lighter colours in the future. 

The second jumper I ordered was supposed to be fairly long, in the photos it came down past the models bum which is exactly what I wanted. But, yet again BooHoo disappointed me as it only just sits below the band of my leggings. Maybe I just have a long torso? Who knows! The neck on this jumper is a kinda swoop neck style, which I thought would be a bit more…well, swoopy (technical term that obviously). The sleeves on this jumper are however lovely and long which makes the jumper more snuggly to wear on these cold miserable days! 

Now I’m useless and have deleted my emails with the prices I paid for the jumpers! But if I remember correctly, the pink one was £10 and the darker one was £8, though they’ve probably gone back up to their usual price now. My experience with using the boohoo website was fine, nice and easy site to use, tracking my order was easy too and both items were delivered quicker than I expected. As much as I love my jumpers, I’m not sure that I’d order from them again purely because of the sizing. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m fairly tall (5″9) or if they’re sizes just come up small as a whole. 


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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