Giving blogging a go!

I suppose I could use my first entry to this blog to explain why I’ve decided to give it a go and what sort of things to expect from me. I would like to add, I’m brand new at this, so I’m not overly tech savvy on how to make it look really impressive etc, but hopefully I’ll soon learn and it’ll get better as I go along! 


Introducing immeamy!

It’s currently stupid o’clock in the morning, and I haven’t slept yet, my brain has been whirling round with different ideas…most of which cost money which I can’t afford! But, blogging is free so I thought hey, let’s give this a go seeing as I spend a lot of time talking to myself anyway I may aswell type out what I’m thinking! I don’t know yet how often I’ll be posting on here, but I will try my best to keep at it, just gotta get used to using it I guess! 


What To Expect From immeamy

I’ve always been an honest, blunt, and fairly opinionated individual so I thought this blog could be used for various reviews whether it’s books, films, makeup, anything really! I may also include opinions on various topics of interest, possibly some life stories, recipes who knows! But all of my opinions are my own, and I do not have sponsorship from any companies or brands etc so all product reviews will be 100% truthful in my opinion. 


Well, I hope that gives you an idea of what I plan to do with this blog. I hope that if I do get any readers they’ll enjoy having a nose through. If I don’t, then I’ll just keep using it anyway 😁 


πŸ”ΉStay true to yourself. Immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be. πŸ”Ή


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