The Over Tired Ramblings Of A Creative Mind.

Yet again I have been in bed for a couple of hours and I’m still yet to sleep! What’s worse, is I have my alarm set for 7:40am to give me enough time to leisurely get ready to go out to an appointment (I can’t do rushing it stresses me out) May grab an energy drink instead of a hot chocolate before getting my bus!  Though I feel as though I might need a boat instead of a bus with the amount of rain that’s due to fall throughout the day (mainly the hours I’m going to be outside might I add!!) May be a good time to do a test and review on the supposed waterproof foundation I’m currently using! Fingers crossed it works, as awesome as he is, I do not wish for my makeup to resemble Alice Cooper on a bad day!🐼 🌨


The past few days and nights I’ve had so many creative ideas flying round my mind; from upcycling furniture, to rearranging my pictures in my living room, to dreaming about having my own brand of stationery… And today has been no different, only this time I blame my mum! 


My mum bought over an old box of my stuff that she’s had stored for me for christ knows how long, filled with old birthday cards, school reports and a few school books. I came across my English books from year 8 and 9 (second and third year of senior school) and some certificates I received for being a “top achiever in English”. Myself and mum spoke about how I had always been good at writing, and how I had completed my English literature gcse exam a year early because I worked to a high standard (passed with grade B in my exam) it was then that my mum sparked off my creative mind again. She told me that I should look into being an author and putting my talent to good use while I still can. In the past I had thought about being a writer, whether it was children’s books, poetry, novels or even writing for magazines but I never really done anything about it…but now I feel is the time for a challenge, and a change! My mum planted the seed in my mind, and I want to do it to prove to not only her but to myself that I can do something. I’ve been looking through some YouTube videos about creative writing, and just having a think as to what I want to try and do to start off. I’m thinking of starting with a children’s book, purely because I love the magic involved in the stories along with the illustrations to bring the words to life; I also think it’ll be a bit easier to start with a children’s book as they can be a bit shorter than novels for an older audience. If I can pull it off without struggling too much then I can attempt to write for an older audience later on. So I guess it’s almost like a warm up book, a starting point, the first chapter of my new journey (see what I did there? Yeah I’m no comedian!) 


This new creative journey will obviously take a lot of time and planning, it’s not going to happen over night! But I’m cool with that, these things need time to work out well after all. Also, it gives me the perfect excuse to buy myself a nice new notebook to work in! And maybe even some new pens (I have a serious stationery addiction, especially for notebooks and colouring books! Which gives me an idea actually to include them in my blogging somewhere maybe?) I do eventually want to type a copy up and send to self publishing companies etc, but the laptop I have is ancient and borderline useless for most things now so I’ll start to save up for a little notebook laptop thingy or something to use purely for my writing, which will take time to save for but will hopefully be worth it!


Well I was hoping that typing this post would tire my eyes out enough to make me sleep, but the sky has decided to chuck it down with heavy noisy rain and howling wind which I can not fall asleep to! Mother Nature is really against me today it seems!


Anyway I think I’ve probably rambled on for a bit too long now, I guess I should have another attempt at falling asleep or I will be a total grumpy zombie in a few hours!! 


πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be πŸ”Ή


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