Monday Ramblings

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend; mine was spent mainly watching films with my daughter and a little walk to the local shop on the one day it wasn’t pissing down with rain! 


It’s already 12:20pm and we’ve only been downstairs for about twenty mins thanks to my lazy daughter waking up late (which I’m not complaining about!) 


My plans for today aren’t all that exciting really (never are!) I’m currently waiting for an email from asda to tell me when my shopping delivery will arrive today whilst watching this morning on plus one where they’re interviewing Michael Praed from emmerdale (who btw, I think I’m getting a crush on! Sigh). Once I know when my shopping is arriving I shall be doing more revision for my driving lessons that I start in March, which by the way I’m getting nervous about!! I’ve had a driving lesson before a few years ago in my hometown which wasn’t too bad actually…but now I live somewhere totally different so I don’t know my way around and the roads here are completely different to what I’m used to. Theory wise I think I’m alright, on my quiz things from my revision book I’m only getting a couple wrong in each section, it’s more the practical I’m worried about. My self confidence isn’t the highest, (I’m working on that though!) So I need to try and not let that take over and turn me into a nervous wreck! I’m a quick learner, so fingers crossed I won’t need too many lessons or test attempts! Watch this space!


Once I’ve done some revision and sorted dinner out etc I think I’ll be getting my notebooks out again and start story boarding for my writing project. I’m thinking of composing a questionnaire to send to those who would be interested in helping me to find out things like what books they like reading and what they’d like a children’s book to include etc. I might possibly even start doing some YouTube or instagram videos to get info from people to help me with my project…though I only have my phone so no flashy camera and editing programs, and I’m not sure of how confident I am to do videos just yet…we shall see! 


I’m also curious to know what sort of things people would like me to write about on here. What kind of blogs interest you? Is there anything you want me to review or talk about? I know a couple of my friends read my blog posts, I’m not sure if anyone else does but I’d be interested to know what you would like to see on here. Either comment on my blog post (I’m assuming you can do that…again I’m new to this I have no idea!) Or if you’re on my instagram then lemme know on there via comment or personal message. I won’t use any names on my blog for privacy especially if it’s something you’d like me to talk about that you’re maybe worried about etc. 


Have a good Monday everyone, hope your weather is better than mine!


πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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