My First…

Thought I’d do this little tag thing of my firsts while I’m waiting for a call back from a repair man about a wobbly leaky tap in my bathroom!


1. My first word

I had a few, I can’t remember what my mum said was my very first word, but my first few were mum, shut up, marmite, and batman. 

2. My first friend 

I think my first friend was my next door neighbour Daniel when I was little, then when I went to school my first friend was Makayla 

3. My first school crush 

I think it was possibly Patrik when I was younger. Then in senior school I liked two of the older lads Matt and Joe. Think they were one or two years above me 

4. My first kiss 

I think, it was Matt when I was in senior school. 

5. My first celebrity crush

Possibly David Bowie. Then as I got older the list included Johnny Depp, Lee Ryan, Gareth Gates, H, Justin Timberlake…I was a pop princess back in the day haha!

6. My first boyfriend

In junior school I think it was Luke, then senior school was Jack. 

7. My first gig or concert 

First proper gig I went to was to see City And Colour in London, but I had been to local gigs before I think the first one I went to was Jammin In The Park where there were loadsa random bands playing including The Cheeky Girls.  

8. My first alcoholic drink 

John Smiths or Tequila Sunrise, I can’t remember what I tried first.

9. My first job 

Sales assistant in a clothes shop called Madhouse, I loved it. I always wanted to work there, and when I started college I hated it so mum said I could quit if I found a job, so ten days later I managed to get a job at Madhouse. Was so upset when it closed down 😦 

10. My first pet 

We always had cats, the first two we had were a boy called Kipper and a girl called Tan, but the first pet that was actually mine were two goldfish called Tish and Tosh.

11. My first real boyfriend

I think my first proper relationship was either Chris or Rhys, I wasn’t with Chris very long but pretty much lived with him, then I was with rhys on and off for a couple years.

12. My first teacher 

Reception year was Mrs Piewell, first year of juniors was Miss Sangway, then my first tutor in senior school was Mr Du-Heaume.

13. My first piercing 

Ear lobes, think I was about 8 years old I can’t remember.

14. My first tattoo 

Inside left wrist I’ve got a custom design tribally type thing in the shape of two of my initials. Got it when I was 14 as mum was trying to stop me stretching my ear so said I could get a small tattoo instead…I still stretched my ear though haha!

15. First amusement park 

Thorpe Park when I was about 11 or 12…I HATED it lol went on the ten looped rollercoaster which terrified me as my restraint thingy wasn’t done up properly and kept moving, and my head flew forward smacking my nose on the restraint giving me a nosebleed. Never been back since lol 

13. My first CD 

First CD I owned was the Michael Jackson Earth Song single. Still have it now. 


Well I hope that didn’t bore you too much, but it was just an easy quick post to do while waiting for phone calls (which I’m still waiting for!!) I’ll do a better more interesting post later on hopefully once I’ve sorted the repair company out! 


πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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