Another Random Get To Know Me Quiz Thingymagiggy

Just another random quiz thing that I found on Google to do for something quick and easy to write that doesn’t take too much brain power. I’ve had a morning of phonecalls, repairman finally turning up and then done a rough draft of my writing project, so I want something fairly easy to post today.


What would be the first thing you would buy with an unlimited amount of money?

I think first I’d pay off any debts myself, mum and nan have/give money back for them helping in the past. But the first physical thing I’d buy would be my house so that we’d always have a stable home no matter what. How adult and sensible of me! Haha 

What are your top five favourite songs at the moment?

Dancing In The Street, Make A Man Outta You, Wisemen, King Of Wishful Thinking, Easy Lover. 

What’s your favourite Disney movie?

Beauty And The Beast. I also can’t wait to see the new one they’re releasing!

Do you speak multiple languages? 

I used to speak a fair bit of German, but I’ve forgotten a lot of it now. And I know some sign language, if I don’t know how to say the actual word then I can spell it as I know the alphabet in sign language.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I’ve gotta few to be honest haha! I can’t stand people eating with their mouth open or being really messy and sloppy while eating; when people post a status on facebook like “I’m so upset right now!” But then when someone asks why or if they’re ok they just say oh don’t worry I’m fine; when you’re walking somewhere and people upfront of you just suddenly stop and have a mother’s meeting in the middle of the path…there’s more but it’d take me forever to write about (I’m a grumpy shit haha!) 

Where is the number one place you’d love to visit?

I would love to go to Disney World. However, I never will because the thought of leaving the UK terrifies me. I like being in the UK and have no desire to go out of the country…so if they could build a Disney World in the UK that I could simply get a bus to or something then I’d be happy! 

Do you have any children?

I do indeedy I have one little girl 

What’s your relationship status and how long have you had that status?

I am single. Last year I was with someone for about a month which didn’t work as we never saw each other and I didn’t trust him enough but before him my last ‘serious’ relationship ended in 2012. So quite a while whatever way you look at it!

Dream job?

I’d like to be an author or an English teacher/creative writing teacher. Or if I had the money I’d like to own my own care company and chain of care homes where I’d only hire people that genuinely cared about others and not just in it for the money. I have also been interested in working in a funeral home, either dressing the deceased and doing their hair and makeup etc or being a funeral director. 

Favourite candle scent?

I love the Yankee candle baby powder scented candle but they’re stupidly expensive so I won’t buy them again, at the moment I have a Glade candle which is the scent Honey And Chocolate and it’s beautiful!

Favourite TV show as a child? 

I don’t know what my favourite was, I know I liked Tots TV, Shiney Show, Rugrats, Wild Thornberries, Robot Wars, The Tribe, Fresh Prince, Simpsons…there’s loads!

Any nicknames?

Mums always called me Bubba, nan used to call me Poppet when I was little, I’ve been called Mad Sparrow, Miss Doodles, Rafiki, Budget Jones and I was given the name Amathyst (spelt that way not the same as the crystal) by Justin Hawkins (singer in the darkness)cousin as a stage name.

Last compliment you got?

A friend complimented me on my blog writing, and the other week I got complimented on my eyes by a couple of random people while I was out.

Have you ever slept on a sofa with someone else?

Yeah I’ve had to share a sofa so many times, most of my mates have always been male which meant I could use them as a radiator! 

What is your phone background?

Black and white photo of David Bowie.

Would you ever get back with one of your exs?

Hells no. Made that mistake before, never again!

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again (not family members)?

Yeah I would I think. 

First love?

Honestly, my friend Andrew who passed away last year. He’s always had my heart, we just never got together because I was either underage (he’s 6 years older than me) and he woulda got shit for it or because of other people getting in the way. We both knew and told each other that we loved each other though. 

Star sign?

I’m a Taurus ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Any fears/phobias?

Loads! Pigeons, birds flapping near me, spiders, any bugs on me or near me, death, becoming seriously ill or losing something like eyesight or hearing, the dark, fire, being in deep water, not being able to touch my face (like if I was tied up or in a small space I need to be able to touch my face) needles, being sedated/knocked out…list goes on! 


Well I hope that wasn’t too boring, as I said above I wanted something fairly easy and simple to post today. Over the weekend I shall try and post a topical blog about something that was requested by a friend.


๐Ÿ”นimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be๐Ÿ”น


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