Good and Bad traits!

Now, everyone has good and bad traits, we’re all human and you’d be lying if you said you had no faults or bad traits. It’s part of our personality and makes us who we are, and having ‘bad’ traits doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you real. 

So I thought I’d share with you some of my good and bad traits to show you that no-one is perfect. 

Let’s start with the bad shall we, so we can end on a good note! I’m a major worrier. I will over think the slightest thing until I drive myself mad with a whole scenario going through my head, whether it be that I’m being cheated on, or that the sounds of my house creaking is really someone in my house. This trait annoys me let alone anyone else! I can become attached to people too easily, which only sets me up for disappointment when they stop talking to me as much (which happens a lot). I find it difficult to get rid of things, I’m very sentimental; for example, I have old school work books, notebooks from years ago, teddies, and so many items of clothing that my daughter had as a baby it’s ridiculous! Another ‘bad’ trait I have, is that I lack motivation; for example I will tell myself that I’m going to exercise and eat healthier, which I’ll stick to for maybe a week, then because I’m impatient and want to see changes straight away I give up when I see no change. I have got so used to it being just me and my daughter, that even though it would be nice to have a relationship or even just friends to meet up with, I prefer being alone most of the time and infact, the thought of anyone visiting me or staying over sends my anxiety through the roof! I much prefer to go out to meet someone, however it has to be a place I know and have traveled to before otherwise I won’t go! (My anxiety seems worse these days for some reason, maybe because I’m used to routine being a mum!) Last one; I came quite extreme- I either obsess over something, or I want nothing to do with it (I’m quite a passionate person with things I’m interested in, I enjoy researching different things like true crimes, certain celebrities etc) 


Now that I’ve put everyone off of me its time for some good traits! 

I care so much about everyone, especially those I’m close to, I will do everything in my power to help others when I can which also means I’m very protective of those I care about. I’ve always been told I’m a natural healer- I’ve always been a good listener, patient when needed and very honest with any advice I’m asked for;  I’m also gentle, I used to massage moisturizer into my nans hands and feet for her when they were sore, and as a carer in my last job I’d have to apply medical creams for joints and sores aswell as drying people after bathing them- my nan always said I’ve got healing hands. If it’s not advice your after, then I can be very cuddly if I want to be! I don’t have a specific type of person I’m drawn to, whether romantically or as a friend; I couldn’t care what music you’re into, your style of clothes, skin colour, beliefs, sexual orientation- as long as we get along and you’re a decent person then I’ll happily be your friend. The last good trait I can think of, is that I’ve always been mature for my age. I’ve never been one of the ‘squeeling school girls’, and I’ve always understood a lot more than some other girls my age, but, this doesn’t mean I’m a grumpy old lady (all the time) I still have an inner child that I let out quite often (like when I’m prancing round to music as if I’m on the west end stage!) 


There’s bound to be more good and bad traits I have, maybe some I’m unaware of! But I can’t think of any more off the top of my head, so this list will have to do!


Maybe you share a trait with me? Or you have some different ones to me? Maybe you know some of my traits that I haven’t mentioned or that I’m not aware of! I’d love to hear some of your thoughts. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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