Thursday Night Rambles, when pizza is so good but so painful!

Goooood evening everyone. I hope you’ve had a good day. My day consisted of waking up before my alarm, being a bus wanker, making friends with older ladies, getting a dominos pizza for the first time in about six months, twinging my back and right hip and now being in pain from eating pizza! 

7:40am I had my alarm set for this morning, and I woke up at around 7! Why does that always happen when I have an alarm set? I’ve been a zombie all day, which didn’t help taking a travel sickness tablet which makes me drowsy! 


Whenever I’m waiting for the bus, there’s always a lovely older lady that joins me. She only lives across the road from me and she’s so chatty and friendly.she visits her husband who’s in a care home at the moment, so she often tells me how he’s doing or we simply chat about anything, she’s got a brilliant sense of humour too! Some of the other older women here (population of the place I live in is mainly older people) will usually just say hello to me to be polite then not actually talk to me,had one woman turn up today and stand directly infront of me with her back to me to kinda block me out, the lady I was chatting to before just kept pulling faces and winking at me because she knew it was pathetic what this other woman had done. I then sat on the bus with the nice lady chatting to her again and one of her friends who got on the bus a few stops down. I think these days older people can be a bit intimidated by younger people, and younger people don’t seem to give enough time to elderly. I’ve always been one to smile at anyone I pass, and chat to anyone who wants to chat no matter what age they are. Doesn’t hurt to be friendly!


Once I got into town, I wondered around as slow as I could because 1. My back and hip gave out, and 2. I had two hours to waste before the bus home. Managed to pick up a couple of little things for my daughter, and an eye shadow palette for myself because I realised today the one I have in my makeup bag is over 10 years old! And of course, got my dominos pizza at long last. Two large pizzas for £11.99, can’t go wrong with that price! However I am now regretting my choice in getting pizza, as my stomach is absolutely killing me thanks to IBS deciding to play up! Damn body hates me apparently! 


I haven’t managed to do any writing today as planned, I’ve been far too tired to write anything of any substance (as you can probably tell from this very rambly crap you’re reading). But hopefully I’ll get to sleep at a decent time tonight so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow to get some writing done!


Watching coronation street at the moment, and there’s some new bloke in it who’s supposed to be grooming a 16 year old (Bethany Platt)…why am I finding him attractive?! I think I’ve been single too long, my taste in men is getting weirder, and older apparently! That’s now Max Branning in eastenders, Cain Dingle in Emmerdale and now this guy in corrie…think his name is Nathan. I need help haha! 

On that note, I’m gonna shut up talking random bollox and carry on ‘swooning’ over my new TV Soap crush 😅 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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