Dating websites! The good, the bad, and the downright creepy! 

Since I was about 18 I’ve been on and off dating sites; I don’t think I’ve ever got a relationship from one, but over the years I have made some friends (I get on better with guys, I’ve always been ‘one of the lads’ rather than a gossiping girly girl). Yesterday, I decide activate my account again, mainly out of boredom and to find new people to chat to. Within 10 mins I had blocked 4 creeps including one guy asking if he could suck my toes. Great start…NOT! Now I’m not looking for a relationship, and certainly not any one night stands or friends with benefits, I am simply just making friends to chat to; of there’s a spark that turns into something more then fine I’ll go with it, but I’m not actively searching for a boyfriend. Being a mum now can make it difficult to meet new people as I would never take my daughter to meet someone for the first time because I’d be paying attention to her and not be able to get to know the person in meeting-I’m also not the type of mum to introduce my daughter to various people who may not stay a part of our life, I’d have to feel comfortable with someone before even thinking about introducing them to my daughter (I’m extremely protective). It’s rather surprising how many people get shitty and don’t understand why I can’t just go out whenever I want for however long I want! 


Are dating sites safe?

Like everything on the internet, you need to be careful with who you’re talking to and meeting as not everyone is who they say they are or are as nice as they seem. My advice is to block people who make you feel uncomfortable; don’t give out details like your phone number too easily, NEVER send them money (it’s usually a scam), don’t give them your address, and if you’re going to meet then tell someone where you’re going and who you’re meeting-get dropped off by someone you know and get picked up again or use public transport. Always meet new people in a public place like a cafe or pub etc (when drinks are involved don’t get hammered and be aware of anyone spiking it) and don’t go anywhere secluded or get into their car (they could lock the doors and take you anywhere so it’s best to not get in a car with them until you’ve met a few times and gained trust). 

Dating/meeting new people is meant to be fun and even exciting, but you must make sure you’re safe at all times. 

If someone is making you feel uncomfortable then block them from being able to contact you- I am so brutal when it comes to blocking people to save me getting messages from creeps who are only after one thing! Just listen to your gut instinct, as it’s very rarely wrong! It’s better to be a bit over cautious then to be in a dangerous situation. 

🔹immeamy,you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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