Myself as a young teen

It’s safe to say that most if not all people change a certain amount throughout their lives. 


Before I hit my teen years, my way of ‘rebelling’ against my mums then partner was to not admit to liking the same music as him (he listened to bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath) and to be the total opposite to him- I was a ‘pink princess’ that loved all things pop and loved the colour pink or any other bright colours (my bedroom was yellow and orange with flower stickers then changed to pink and purple for a slightly more grown up look) in those days I rarely wore black…then it all changed when I hit my ‘Avril Lavigne stage’. 

I started wearing ‘skater’ style clothes for a while, then it went to ’emo’ with the armwarmers, skin tight jeans, multiple belts, and LOTS of black eyeliner. 


Personality wise, I was more snappy and moody compared to now. I hated school and most people in it from being bullied throughout, so looking back I guess those negative feelings towards school maybe had a part in me being snappy and moody out of school. Most of my friends were actually older than me and didn’t attend school- I’ve always been mature for my age so I felt more comfortable being friends with people older than me; when out with my older friends I was a bit more outgoing and confident where I felt more accepted with them- whereas in school I tried to keep myself to myself and just get on with my work to not draw attention to myself; I was shy, and I guess withdrawn when it came to working in groups or speaking in front of the class. I had a few friends in school, but I was often left out of their plans like birthday parties or left out of ‘private jokes’ etc so school for me was pretty lonely really. I was so glad when my art teacher would let me spend my lunch break in the classroom away from the lunch hall and playground.


As I got older I did get a little more confident and wouldn’t put up with the popular kids being arseholes to me (I was called emo/goth/freak because I liked different music to them, and because my art folder was covered in photos of tattooed people or various ‘alternative’ bands and lyrics) though what amuses me now, is that my ‘style’ has ‘calmed down’ in a sense since then, but a fair amount of the people who bullied me in senior school have become ‘weirder’ than I apparently was in school! With their multi coloured hair, multiple piercings…they even now like the music I got bullied for liking. I’ve ‘grown up’ and ‘matured’ whereas they appear to of gone backwards…hypocritical bastards! Making my life hell for 5 years for looking how they look now! 


I’ll include some photos so you can see how I looked then compared to now.


πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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