Reviewing Superdrugs Coconut Oil

A few weeks ago I ordered some coconut oil from superdrug (I think it was on offer when I bought it as I got a tub for my mum too, but I can’t remember how much it was. It’s currently £2.49 though or 2 for £4) Because I have one of their points cards, I get free delivery on any order which is really handy, though without a points card the standard delivery charge is £2.99 which is still pretty good. 

I ordered the coconut oil to try on my face as I’d been told its really good for dry skin. I’ve never been overly keen on the smell of coconut but this one didn’t smell too strong, it was however quite difficult to get out to use because it’s hard (I had to kinda dig my fingers into it to warm it up a bit then be able to scoop some out) I started using it every day after removing my makeup (with garnier micellar water) and it did make my skin really soft in the places I usually get dry patches, but, after just three days of using it the coconut oil made my skin break out! (I don’t get the types of spots that you can pop *shudders* I get raised itchy bumps instead) my skin has never been so bad!! 

I’ve stopped using it on my face but it is so good to use on my legs instead. It does say it can be used on your hair, but I’m not gonna try that as my scalp is sensitive to some products so I don’t wanna risk it. 

So as a whole, I recommend using coconut oil on your legs and body, but stay away from using it on your face if you have sensitive skin that can’t handle oil being applied to it. 

I do highly recommend ordering from superdrug online though, everything arrives well wrapped I’ve never received any broken products (which is amazing as royal mail aren’t always the most gentle with parcels!) And I definitely recommend getting a points card with them for the free delivery on any order with no minimum spend, and you also get emails about certain deals and online exclusive deals. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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