Late night/early morning ramblings

It’s currently 2:19am and I haven’t managed to sleep yet. I can’t get comfortable and now my restless legs syndrome has decided to kick in! So I thought I’d come on here and ramble away to myself and anyone reading this.. you’re welcome.

Am I the only one who late at night suddenly feels stupidly hungry?! My stomach is growling so loud at me begging for food at the moment it’s ridiculous. Speaking of food, I actually have no idea what I’m going to make myself for dinner later…I’m at one of those stages where I’ve got food but none of it goes together to make a meal (my shopping delivery arrives on Monday, so I’ve only got to starve and waste away for one day). It also doesn’t help that for a month or so all I have wanted to eat is MacDonalds; specifically a box of 20 chicken nuggets, large fries and an iced caramel frappe. But, there is no way for me to get to MacDonalds unless my mum and step-dad take me (which is near on impossible as they don’t get much spare time or go to where MacDonalds is). I haven’t actually eaten MacDonalds since November last year when we went shopping together (seems to be a once a year visit around xmas, we never all go shopping together usually) so anything I have eaten recently hasn’t satisfied me because it’s not been MacDonalds 😭  so with (technically) today being my day of wasting away, it means I’ll more than likely eat chocolate, crisps and popcorn rather than an actual meal; I ran out of bread today and only have enough milk for a cuppa so I can’t even have cereal or a sarnie! My daughters got food, so she’s alright it’s just me that has to starve 😅 


I’ve actually been so organised regarding my blog. As of Monday I have actually written a ‘schedule’ of what to write and on what days for the next two weeks…I may still chuck in some random posts if I feel like it, but having a plan of action just helps on days when I want to write but have no idea what to write about. There’s multiple topics etc included so hopefully they’ll be interesting for anyone reading them…if they’re not then I’ll just keep talking to myself anyway haha!


 I’ve recently downloaded a different game on my phone. I used to have Disney Emoji Blitz I think it’s called, but I got bored of it (like I do with many games etc) and downloaded Sims Freeplay instead. I’ve got 8 Sims so far (I think) one couple has a baby, another couple has just moved in together…though I’m wondering if the game allows same sex sims to move in together? I haven’t seen an option for it yet (purposely made a male gay couple to see if they could move in together, it let’s them kiss and be romantic but hasn’t shown the option for moving in) who knows! I also deleted the dating app from my phone the other day too because I got bored of it and just couldn’t be bothered with some of the total weirdos on there that would message me (I always attract the weird ones!) There’s a couple people I still chat to, and I can still access my account online rather than the app if I want but for now I’ve stopped using it.

Talking of phones, I want May 9th to hurry up so I can upgrade my piece of crap phone!! Remind me NEVER to get a HTC M8 ONE ever again. I had to send it off for repair last year (they couldn’t fix it so just sent me a new one) but the new one they sent me is useless! The power button at the top rarely works so I have to keep my phone on permanently (luckily I can unlock my screen by tapping it a few times rather than using the button) i can’t screen shot anything, and recently my phone now won’t lock while it’s on charge so I have to spend a good ten mins or more digging my finger into the power button to try and make it lock and the camera lens is all wobbly. The actual phone freezes and crashes loads too which is a pain. So I think I’ll probably go back to Samsung Galaxy Note phones in May. 


I’ve actually just realised how soon it is that I start my driving lessons (March 16th). Rather a scary thought! I’ve done a driving lesson before but it was years ago in a different town. I’m just praying that I can learn and pass quickly so that I can save for a car and get exploring quicker. I can’t wait to have the freedom of being able to just get in a car and go wherever I want (I could go to MacDonalds on days like today!). So fingers crossed my low confidence doesn’t get in the way! I believe I’ll do alright on my theory, it’s the practical that I’m worried about! 


Well it’s now 2:51am, I guess I should stop rambling away about crap and attempt to sleep again…wish me luck! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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