Long Distance Relationships 

I have been asked to write about the subject of long distance relationships and if they can really work. 


From my own personal experience, the answer for me is no because admittedly I have trust issues from being cheated on in the past. I like to be with someone who is far enough away for personal space to do our own thing, but close enough to be able to see whenever I want (I don’t like being in their pocket constantly, I like time on my own so living with someone again is a no no!)


However, I do know couples who are in a long distance relationship that work really well, so it totally depends on the people themselves and their preferences.  I personally don’t understand how people can be in an ‘online relationship’ with someone in a totally different country that they never get to see- can that really be classed as a real relationship? At least if you’re in a relationship with someone in a different town/county you have more chance of actually seeing them. I think if you enter a long distance relationship you need to be clear on if it’s a monogamous or open relationship (basically means if you both can sleep with other people or not) so that you know where you stand with each other; you need to be trusting of each other, as if you’re not a trusting person like myself you’ll drive yourself mad thinking up all different scenarios of what what he/she is doing/who they’re with, and you could potentially end up in a messy break up. 


I think it’s important to figure out how you’ll see each other and how often- both putting in the effort-though I do think if one person drives and the other can’t, instead of taking it in turns to travel the non driver could pay for petrol on ‘their turn’ as let’s face it, public transport is a pain in the arse! 


I think the one positive of long distance relationships is that it makes you appreciate your time together more-‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’. However it can then be upsetting when it’s time to leave again, so you’ve got to be aware of how hard it can be too and think about if you could honestly handle that. Something that could help ‘ease the pain of separation’ is to try and have set days/dates where you know you’ll see each other again so there’s no wondering when the next time will be which you’ll then get used to and it will make leaving a little easier saying “see you next Friday” for example rather than having no idea when you’ll be together again. 


As a whole it’s all about trusting each other, and having complete understanding of the ‘terms’ of your relationship. If you both want something to work, then you’ll both put the effort in to make it work the best way to suit you both. 


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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