Chatty Tuesday Time

Thought I’d do a random chatty rambly post again today as if I’m honest, I can’t be bothered to write about anything specific today- with a lot of my posts I hand write them first then edit to type up on here, and yesterday I did just that aswell as colouring for a few hours so my hands are killing today so I thought I’d give them a break and just type straight onto here instead. 


My daughter didn’t go to sleep til silly o’clock last night, and surprisingly woke up at about 9:30am. I’m not usually a breakfast eater, but today when we came downstairs I thought I’d have a bowl of fruity cereal and a vitamin boosting yoghurt drink for a change to try and stop me just snacking throughout the day on crap. So far it’s worked,and I’m starting to feel hungry now just in time for when I do dinner around 4/4:30. So it’s been a good day really and my morning was totally made even better while watching This Morning. They were discussing sleeping issues, so I sent in an email and they read out a shortened version on air! (Closest ima get to Philip Schofield knowing I exist!) 

I then spent christ knows how long on the phone to Sky to get my bill reduced as they tried putting it up to £70.99 a month! Eventually got it sorted though thanks to a lovely Scottish bloke reducing it down to £64 instead 👍 


Yesterday I sat and wrote a short story for my friend that I had promised to do years ago, so just got to write it up neat and make it look as presentable as I can to post it to him. It got me thinking though; I’ve got a draft of a children’s book written that I’d love to get published one day…I did want to do the illustrations myself but I know I’m not up to standard to do that, I also don’t have the technology to produce something ‘professional enough’ to send to publishers, and I simply don’t have the money to actually get it illustrated and published to sell. 😞 do I carry on writing stories anyway? Or do I just give up on that dream of being an author because realistically it doesn’t seem like a possible thing I can do. Made me feel rather disheartened if I’m honest because I love writing; but when it comes down to it I simply can’t afford to do it. So maybe I’ll just stick to writing my blog, atleast it’s free, and even though it’s irritating as hell I can do it on my phone (which is the only technology I have for writing!) 


Tomorrow my mum is coming over to stay the night, so I’m gonna attempt to make us some fajitas for dinner (extra mild as she’s a wimp that can’t handle spices lol) and it’s also the date for my next colouring book to arrive (I collect the mindful adult colouring books, my newsagents get them in for me every fortnight, think this week is number 11) and I believe that my daughters monthly Clangers magazine is due in store tomorrow too. Just praying the weather calms down, I don’t fancy becoming a drowned rat! 


I emailed a company GUND on Friday as they had advertised on their facebook page that they’re looking for product reviewers who will be sent free products to review for them on their website, so fingers crossed I’ll hear from them soon and get accepted to do it 😊 speaking of reviews, I was sent some sample actilabs foundation products last week, but they never showed up! (Bastards keep ‘losing’ my post, at xmas my dad sent me a card with £40 in for me and my daughter and I never received it, but then when he sent a card without money in it got to me the next day!) So the lovely actilabs lady is gonna try and send me some more…fingers crossed I get this one! 


I have no idea what else to ramble about, my stomach is rumbling and I’m waiting for mum to call so I guess I’ll leave this one here. 


Again if there’s any requests or suggestions of what you’d like to see me write about then lemme know!


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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