Things That Make Me Happy

My day didn’t start all too well- my daughter was in a grumpy mood and accidentally smacked me in the eye while having a hissy fit, I then caught my foot on the baby gate, and my hip clicked funny which wasn’t pleasant. So, I thought today I’d write about some things that make me happy to turn this crappy day into a more positive one! 

As cliche as it sounds, my daughter makes me happy (even if she’s in a grump!) Her laugh is the best, and she’s so cheeky and funny I can’t not smile with her. I love watching her learn and play, and I especially love the random kisses and cuddles she gives me when we’re curled up on the sofa together.


Music is something that can change my mood almost instantly. If I’m feeling crap there’s certain songs that cheer me up; Dancing In The Street by David Bowie and Mick Jagger, Dancing In The Moonlight by Toploader, Say You’ll Be Mine by Steps, Human Nature by Michael Jackson, Son Of Man by Phil Collins, and Make A Man Out Of You from Disney Mulan. For some reason those songs always make me want to get up and dance! (My mum says I’m like fat Monica in Friends when I’m messing about dancing like an idiot!) 


Another thing that makes me happy is buying/making gifts for people- I love making other people happy even if it’s something simple like buying my mum a new funky notebook, getting my daughter a magazine, or painting a canvas for someone. (Photos below are two canvas paintings I done for friends last year) 


Letters from people really make my day; I have two friends who write to me when they can (1 of them has started writing to me monthly, the other writes when she can as she works a lot etc) but I love hand written letters they’re just so much more personal and I keep every one I get.


Another thing that puts a smile on my face, is when people contact me first or they tag me in something they think I’ll like because it means for those few seconds they’ve thought about me and actually want to know how I am etc.


Hugs, cuddles, and holding hands make me happy. Just having that closeness with someone is really nice- though if anyone hugs me using only one arm they will get told off and made to hug me properly haha! Only time I’ll accept a one arm hug is if they’re carrying something, only have one arm, or if I don’t particularly like them and I’m just hugging them to be nice! 


One of my friends can always make me happy by simply calling me Sweetpea- I have no idea why, but it just makes me smile and it’s only when he says it, it wouldn’t work if anyone else did (again, no idea why!)


There are so many other things that make me happy, I may do a part two but for now I think this will do! 

What makes you happy? Maybe you have ‘happy songs’ like me that cheer you up, I’d love to know what they are 😊 

πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή 

Photo credits: google image search, ursula canvas is my own and other canvas was taken by my friend. 


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