Chatty Tuesday :)Β 

I’ve decided ‘chatty Tuesday’ is going to be a weekly occurrence now if you haven’t noticed! 


Today I feel a bit like the junk yard lady from Labyrinth; my back is killing and I’m covered in random stuff that my daughter has piled up ontop of me! (I feel that’s how I look right now too!)


I was planning on taking a walk down to the shop, but the weather has gone from lovely and sunny to grey and miserable! So we’re staying indoors today watching crap on the TV. Currently watching This Morning on plus one so I can see Tom and Giovanna Fletcher (little obsessed with that couple not gonna lie!) And I’ve just checked my planner I’ve started writing in to be more organised with my blog posts and saved a load of pictures I wanna use in my next post which should be up on Thursday. (I don’t tend to post on Wednesdays as that’s when my mum visits so it’s a bit rude to be sat writing when she’s come to keep us company!)


Why is it, when I need something I can’t bloody find it?! I think I mentioned previously that I’d written a little story for a friend as part of a ‘personal joke’ between us, and I want to write it up and make it look presentable to send to him…but can I find the coloured card I need? Yep you guessed it, I put it in a safe place and now can’t remember where that safe place is! 


Why must toddlers be like mini hurricanes?! My living room looks like a toy cannon has gone off! I wouldn’t mind if she was playing with the toys all over the floor…but she’s sat next to me drinking her juice wearing a cowboy hat! (Whilst I’m being smothered by various cuddly toys) 


So tomorrow my mum is over for the night, and our plan of action is to change my bedroom around and put up the unicorn head mount thingy I’ve got. Going to be interesting trying to do that with a toddler who is like a cat that gets under your feet while you’re doing something πŸ˜… wonder how many injuries I’ll get (I’m stupidly clumsy so I’m bound to do something!)


Countdown to driving lessons begins! 9 more days! And I’m absolutely pooping myself about it πŸ˜‚πŸš—


Well I think I’ve rambled enough for today about stuff that really isn’t very interesting haha! I hope you all have a great day doing whatever you’re doing 😊 


πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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