Some of my favourite TV shows 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t sit in a silent room I either need music or the TV on even if I’m not really listening/watching. I just always need background noise no matter what I’m doing (I can’t concentrate in a silent room!) There are however certain TV shows I love watching, so I thought I’d share them with you. 


I watch a lot of documentaries on subjects like serial killers, prisons, autopsies, mental health and medical documentaries like Extraordinary People- recently I’ve got into watching Louis Theroux documentaries and any that Professor Green has been doing on BBC Three. 


Now I’m sorry to admit, but I do enjoy watching the soaps! 

Eastenders- especially as it has Danny Dyer in it now. Coronation Street- always had a thing for Peter Barlow! And Emmerdale-Cain Dingle has always been my favourite since I was a kid. I know I’m a saddo don’t judge me haha! I have actually got some signed photos from Eastenders cast members too that I sent off for. 


I’ve recently started watching two new shows; The Replacement (only wanted to watch it as it has Lol from This is England in it!) And the series of Lethal Weapon which are both bloody brilliant! I think the replacement is only a three part series though.


For more chilled out TV time, I like to watch more easy going stuff like The Simpsons, Fresh Prince, Friends, and The Middle (I want Mike Heck to be my husband!) 


I do sometimes watch This Morning depending on the guests and topics they have on the day, though I am more likely to watch when it’s Phil and Holly presenting! Especially when they end up having a giggle fit at silly things that maybe sound a bit rude! 


When Call The Midwife first started, I wasn’t overly keen on it as I don’t like Miranda Hart particularly, but over time it’s grown on me (especially as she’s not in it often now) the series never last very long though! Always sad to know it’s the last episode (then it’s a 9 month wait for the Christmas episode!) 


Now a lot of people complain about Tattoo Fixers, but I enjoy watching it- I actually had a Skype interview with their researcher about being on the show, but because I didn’t have a sob story or drunken stupid story they fobbed me off saying my tattoo was impossible to cover up (I asked all the tattoo artists I know if it could be covered, and all of them said it wasn’t impossible to do). Sketch is probably my favourite, he actually has a really good singing voice and can rap (he sounds like professor green) and I sometimes chat to his friend he makes music with called Stevie P (search them on YouTube and have a listen!) 


One of my all time favourite ‘late night shows’ is Release The Hounds. It can be rather scary to watch sometimes, but also hilarious seeing the contestants reactions! I always end up screaming at the TV when they do the run from the dogs 😂 


There are other shows I watch, but I can’t think of any more off the top of my head! I might do a post about old TV shows I watched as a kid that maybe aren’t shown on TV anymore if anyone would be interested in reminiscing with me? What are your favourite shows you enjoy watching? Maybe you’re a saddo like me that loves the soaps! 😂

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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