I Believe In Magic, Do You?

Reading the title of this post, a lot of people will probably think ‘yep, she’s finally lost it’, but bare with me it’s not as weird as you may think!


When someone says the word Magic, most people will automatically think of card tricks, things disappearing, women getting sawn in half, rabbits being pulled out of a hat etc- but those things are illusions. Magic is much more powerful, and it starts when you’re a child.


When I was little I believed in fairies. My nan had some crystals in a glass dish and said that the fairies lived in them which is why they were so sparkly. Even to this day I still call them Fairy Crystals.

I also believed in things like goblins, unicorns and dragons. I grew up watching the films Legend, Dragonheart and Labyrinth which is probably why I believed in these creatures. 

I don’t recall believing in the tooth fairy, but like many children I believed in Father Christmas. I was taught that Father Christmas would bring me one special present, and that to get into our house he would tap his nose three times and magically appear in our living room to leave my gift. We didn’t have a chimney you see, so he couldn’t enter the house that way! 


If like myself as a child you believed in things like Father Christmas, take a moment to think back to how excited you felt on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, how happy it made you feel, how big your smile was and how much your eyes would light up seeing your presents…that, is true magic. 


To me as an adult, true magic resides with your inner child; it’s the the twinkle in your eye you get when you think about someone/something you love, it’s the goofy giggle fits you get about something silly, it’s the excitement you feel when looking forward to something, and the butterflies in your stomach when you talk to someone you like. 

I think it’s important to let your inner child out and enjoy life- being a grown up can be stressful and overwhelming sometimes. Being a child was definitely easier for most people and happier in a lot of cases- so if you allow your inner child to surface sometimes it can bring back the happiness you felt as a child and even just for a moment will make you forget about the stresses of adult life and allow you to really enjoy and appreciate things. 

Everyone needs just that touch of magic, the glimmer of hope and dreams to allow them to enjoy the little things in life when things get tough. 

What I’m saying is, allow your imagination to be creative,laugh at silly things, allow yourself to get excited about things like Christmas, sing your heart out to your old favourite Disney movies, and don’t be afraid of love and happiness. 


What things did you believe in as a kid? 

πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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