Yay I didn’t do too bad!

Well, the day has arrived! At 8 am til 10am I had my first driving lesson! Not going to lie, I was rather nervous this morning, but my instructor got out the car shook my hand and introduced himself before asking me to read a number plate to check my vision then get into the passenger side so that he could drive to a quieter place for me to then take over. I think having a nice funny instructor really helped calm my nerves (I was really worried about driving on country roads, as a few years ago in my hometown I had a 2 hour driving lesson on ‘town roads’ so it felt totally different to me being on country roads) he was just the right amount of funny to create a calm atmosphere for me as I think he could probably tell I was a bit nervous. I did stall a few times, but it was mainly when I had to pull in to allow bigger vehicles to get past as I panicked (tractor, white van, small lorry type thing, horse box and a cyclist behind me are all the ‘scary’ things I met today haha!) And a couple times I didn’t put the clutch down quick enough when coming to a stop (I’m still getting used to the car itself don’t judge!) I think it’s a pergeot206 I’m learning in, but don’t quote me on that I’m not totally sure, I just know the accelerator is rather sensitive! It’s amazing actually how fast 30mph feels! I managed to go up to third gear and drive at 30mph which was rather daunting, especially with oncoming cars! But I did it and didn’t freak out too much luckily!


I’ve been given a booklet with a list of everything that needs to be covered, and next to each section it’s got 5 boxes next to it; 2 red, 2 yellow, 1 green. (Red is Skill Introduced and Under Full Instruction. Yellow is Prompted and Seldom Prompted. Green is Independent) so at the end of every lesson my instructor will tick the appropriate section and level I completed it at. So today for example, I done Cockpit Drill, Use Of Controls And Instruments, Controlling The Clutch, Moving Off Safely, Stopping Normally, Changing Gear, and Steering all of which were ticked at the first red level of Skill Introduced.


My next lesson is next Thursday at the slightly later time of 9:30am. I’m still a little nervous, as it is still new to me, but atleast I know I have a nice patient instructor who I feel safe and comfortable with. Just gotta work on my confidence and believe in myself more! I did also tell him if he gets me to pass then I’ll clean his car as an apology for getting mud on it 😂 


So now I’m going to make some notes on what I learned today, so that it sticks in my mind ready for next week, and I gotta somehow convince myself I’m not terrible at driving at that I can do it. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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