Dream/ideal job 

When I was little, I wanted to be a vet. I would watch a TV show called Animal Hospital presented by Rolf Harris, and dream of saving animals. However the older I got the more I realised I wouldn’t be able to be a vet as seeing sick and injured animals upset me far too much. I then decided I wanted to do a job like my Nan had. She was a senior welfare officer in a place called Beechwood Lodge which was a place for homeless men- kind of like a half way house for men who needed support but weren’t ‘bad enough’ for a psychiatric hospital, or that had come out of hospital/rehab/prison that maybe weren’t quite ready to live independently.I would go there as a child sometimes and I loved it. Unfortunately, Beechwood Lodge was shut down before I reached working age, and there were no other places like it in my hometown. I have always said that if I won the lottery or became rich that I’d love to open a place like Beechwood Lodge because they helped so many people and that is something I enjoy doing.


I’ve had a few jobs in my lifetime, from retail, to pub work, to being a support worker and carer. I’ve had a break from working to bring my daughter up, but next year she’ll be going to school part time (until she’s 5) so I will be looking for a job that I can do while she’s at school.


There’s a few things I’d love to try, as I like a challenge. 

The first, is that I’d like to work in a funeral home, either preparing the families loved ones for their service (dressing them, doing their hair etc) or helping families organise the service for their loved one.I think I’d be good in that line of work as I’m an empathetic, caring individual with high levels of respect for the dead and their family. 


The second job I’d like to try, is working with the CQC; the Care Quality Commission are there to ensure all places of care are up to standard and following all policies and procedures. I’d like to work for the CQC because when I was a carer and support worker I always worked to a high standard and went above and beyond to make sure the service users (hate that term) were happy, comfortable and well looked after. I don’t like seeing anyone treated badly, let alone vulnerable people. 


I’ve always enjoyed writing. As a teenager I wrote a lot of poetry and my favourite school subject had always been English/Literacy, which is why I started blogging and writing stories- so the third job I’d like to try is something that involves writing- maybe a column in a magazine, or actually becoming an author or ‘professional blogger’.


The last job I’m interested in, which is probably the one I’m likely to try for first is to be a teaching assistant, which would work well with my daughter being in school as I’d have the same time off as her. I don’t want to work at the same school as my daughter though because I wouldn’t want her to feel jealous of other kids getting my attention (my mum was a dinner lady at my infant school and I hated seeing her pay attention to other children). When I was at school myself, I would often help out the other children who needed extra support, and I was a peer mentor for students who were being bullied or having a hard time. So I’ve always liked helping others learn etc. 


Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I would happily accept any job that went well with my daughters school hours. 

What job did you want as a child? Do you still dream of that job or like me has it changed now you’re older? 


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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