ActiLabs Foundation Review

Please note, this is my honest opinion on a product I have tried, I don’t believe in bigging up a brand that you don’t genuinely like. My experience is my own and could be totally different to someone else using this product.


I’ve been trying to find a foundation that my face likes, I appear to have quite awkward skin that doesn’t seem to like most foundations. The one I can use is W7 in shade Buff, but it’s awkward to get hold of as superdrug doesnt sell it! 


A facebook friend of mine sells ActiLab products, and she sent me a sample of the two lightest foundation shades to try. 


I had seen and heard a lot of good things about this foundation- I watched countless YouTube reviews and have seen photos where makeup looks pretty flawless, so I had high hopes for this brand. 


I applied my Barry M primer as I usually do with every foundation to make it a fair test to my usual routine.


I was told that you don’t need a lot of it as it goes quite far, so I started with just a small amount but it did nothing so I had to build it up…or atleast try to! I tried using brushes, and my fingers (I have always done foundation with my fingers as it goes on so much better than when I’ve used brushes or sponges) and it honestly would of been easier to blend paint on my face. This foundation doesn’t appear thick in the packet or on the back of my hand, but my christ it’s thick and so difficult (if not impossible) to work with on your face! You have to work super quick with it, and I found I ended up with streaks and patches and blotches all over my face.


The smell of the foundation is rather weird…it almost smells like watered down room paint and it made my eyes so red and sore when I was applying it. (They still sting a bit now even after removing it!) 


I put one shade on one half of my face, and the other shade on the other side just to test out what colour was better for my skin tone. Once I had finished the second half of my face, I looked at the side I done first and was shocked at how horrible it looked! The foundation had kind of oxidized and clumped up around any blemishes or dry patches and went all streaky and patchy around my eyes making it look as if I hadn’t rubbed it in yet (which I had, it took me about 15mins just to do one half of my face because it was so awkward to use!) And it made my nose look ridiculously dry aswell. The foundation also made my pores look like craters and really exaggerated their existence (I looked as if I had slept on my hairbrush it was that bad) I also found the second I moved my face to smile it kind of looked cracked around my smile lines which ultimately made it look as if I was really wrinkly! 


The disappointment and major fail didn’t stop there. Now was the time to remove the foundation from my face. 


This foundation felt extremely heavy on my face, I was very aware that I was wearing makeup (usually I forget I’m wearing it as my normal foundation isn’t cakey or heavy). It was also SO sticky! I left it about ten minutes to see if it would settle down, but it stayed super sticky and cakey; so sticky infact, that it didn’t want to come off my face!! I used the makeup remover I always use which is the garnier micellar water (I may have spelt that wrong, but it’s just the water type stuff that is really good at removing makeup) baby wipes, more micellar water, and a face wash in warm water to remove it…and even after all of that my face still remained a bit tacky to the touch, and was now bright red from scrubbing at it to get this nasty crap off my face. 


For whatever reason, ActiLabs foundation really didn’t agree with my face, so I 100% would not buy it and would rate it a 0/5. However, I advise people to get a sample and try it for themselves, as I have seen the foundation work beautifully for other people (that’s why I wanted to try it!) I may just have a super awkward face! 


I did attempt to take some photos, but my camera didn’t pick up how it looked properly so it wouldn’t be fair to use the photos. 

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