Good morning!

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. Mine consisted of multiple episodes of Fresh Prince and cartoons. The weather was absolutely rubbish so we stayed indoors in our comfy clothes and shut the nasty weather out. 


Last night I put some colour stripper on my hair as I’m wanting to get it a lighter colour. Usually all of my hair would go a mixture of different ginger shades leaving no dark…but this time it’s left my roots and underneath dark but made some parts go a really nice blonde kinda colour. Only problem with stripping hair colour.. it stinks!! Even after washing it out, it smells haha! Though it has made my hair nice and soft. Think what I’m going to do, is leave it until Wednesday when my mum comes over, put on a blonde hair dye (only on the darker bits) and see how it turns out, then if it looks bad I’ll put on the light golden brown dye I’ve got. (Waiting for mum to help me as she can see the back of my head incase I miss any bits!) I’ll put a photo in of my hair how it is at the moment, though it looks much better in person as the camera never picks up hair colour properly in photos! 


Over the weekend I received an email from wordpress. It was from someone inviting me to be an author on a blog called BayArt for some reason. I’m not overly sure why I was invited to be an author, or what I’d actually have to write about. I also don’t know if I were to accept the offer if it meant all of my blog posts would be on BayArt (which I don’t want, I like having my own blog thank you very much) so I haven’t accepted the invite and I’m not sure whether I should or not. Flicking through some of their posts they seem to do a lot of Positivity posts, which isn’t something I really write (not that I’m not positive, I’m a realist which can sometimes be mistaken as negative) so I’m not entirely sure why they want me to join them. Was a nice offer don’t get me wrong, I just don’t understand how it’d work regarding my own blog. (Not quite tech savvy enough on wordpress yet to understand everything haha!) 


I know I usually do a chatty Tuesday post (which I will still do tomorrow) but I’m currently in bed waiting for my daughter to wake up (she’s a night owl at the moment and falls asleep late which means waking up late!) And thought that I’d have a bit of a chat on here seeing as I’m not currently talking to anyone else! 

Children make the weirdest noises while asleep, my daughter has just shouted “no sky, rubble chase go!” So I’m assuming she’s dreaming of Paw Patrol! Scared me half to death with her shouting haha!


Well, I guess I should attempt to make myself look a tad more human rather than the current zombie look I’m rocking (my brain isn’t hanging out of my head, though it does feel like it!) I will be doing another blog later on today (aren’t you lucky!) Once I’ve got my daughter and myself dressed etc. I feel another comfy clothes day coming on, it’s suddenly got very dark and grey outside, and that’s a sign to stay indoors! 


I have actually just seen that today is National Happiness Day and the first day of Spring apparently…some spring like weather would be appreciated, and it would make me happier! But regardless of the day and it’s weather, I hope everyone has a good day doing whatever they’re doing, and wherever possible I hope you manage to Pay It Forward by helping someone else today even just by simply making them smile. I know many people hate Monday’s, but it’s a fresh start to a new week so grab it by the balls and go with it! 


πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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