Past Holidays As A Home Bird

Where is the furthest place you’ve travelled to? The furthest I’ve traveled to is Northern Ireland with my nan to see my aunty when I was around 12. It was the first time I had been on a plane (it was only about an hour flight) and I think I had got myself so nervous that I fell asleep for the whole flight there and back! We kind of chose a bad time to go to Northern Ireland though as there was still a lot of trouble happening over there. My favourite part of the trip was the museums we visited-there was an open air museum with old houses all set up and people inside giving talks and demonstrations on things like how they made bread etc, though my favourite was the travel museum; it had a ship that you could look around, and when you got off the other side it was set up to look like America. There was also a Titanic section which I loved (always been interested in the Titanic) and a simulator I went on with my aunty which if I remember correctly was a propeller plane (my aunty hated it!) 

My Nan took me on various little trips away, I think the first was with her and my cousin to my grandads caravan. There was a little holiday camp thing with a mascot called Sirrel The Squirrel, and we had the perfect view of the eclipse just outside the caravan door. 

My Nan also took me to Yorkshire a few times, once to stay with friends, and another time was a coach trip called The Emmerdale Experience where we visited the locations that the TV shows Last Of The Summer Wine and Emmerdale were filmed, aswell as going on a tour of York. The coach trip was pretty funny, I was the only young one everyone else were 50 and over! 

We also went to Devon to stay with an old family friend where we visited the Hedgehog Hospital (prickly ball farm I think it’s called) and the Donkey Sanctuary. One night the cat had bought in a mouse so we had to try and catch that which was amusing! I also got my very first mobile phone on that holiday, and rode a horse which I had never done before (and not done since!).


As for holidays with friends, I often went for long weekends away to Poole/Bournemouth, and I visited Cardiff once with my then boyfriend to see his sister with 3 lads we were friends with. 

The best friend holiday was definitely the motorbike rallies I went to. We would go to Leeds as part of the Street Fighters Owners Club for the April Fools rally Friday to Sunday. Everyone there were so friendly and welcoming, and we always had such a laugh (especially the year a load of German bikers came along) I miss a lot of the people I met through SFOC as I haven’t seen them since 2013 which is a shame as they were so lovely. I have a few of them on social media still though but not all of them. 


As you have probably realised, I’ve never been abroad and to be honest, I have no desire to ever leave the UK. There are some beautiful places here full of history. The idea of going to a different country absolutely terrifies me- in the UK I know the language, the laws,and if I’m sick or injured we have the NHS. I feel much safer staying on the ground in my own country. I do however wish that the UK had a Disney World, that would be brilliant! 

I’m very much a ‘home bird’ haha! I hate very hot or very cold weather (heat makes me so ill I can’t even always handle the UK Summers!) So there’s no way I’d ever want to go anywhere like Spain or Australia, I wouldn’t cope at all!


Are you a ‘home bird’ like me happy in your own country, or is there somewhere in the world you would love to visit?

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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