Chatty Tuesday!

Good morning you lovely lot! I hope you all slept well and got over your Monday blues. 


I’m quite surprised this morning, my daughter was awake just before 10! Lately she’s been a night owl and not falling asleep until midnight then waking up at around 11/11:30 in the morning, but today she actually woke up a bit earlier! Which is handy, as I was planning to wake her up at 10 anyway. So she’s now dressed, but we’re still upstairs watching a Lego batman DVD (not the newest film, this one is an old one with superman in it too) and just like myself when I was her age, she LOVES batman! I am also trying to stop her from pinching my makeup brushes! She just smiles at me so sweetly as if to say “I’m cute you can’t tell me off!”


We don’t have anything planned for today, it’s sunny at the moment but it is due to rain soon I can see a grey cloud creeping in, and you can bet if we went out it’d hammer it down! So we’re staying in today. 


Tomorrow however, I’m going to wake my daughter up at around 9/9:30 so that we can go down to the local toddler group which is on from 9:30 til 11:30. We haven’t been for nearly a year as she just wasn’t really benefiting from it (she likes playing by herself she’s very independent) and then she wasn’t waking up early enough. I’m taking her tomorrow though so that we can collect a form for the Easter Egg Hunt they’re putting on this year- we went last year and she enjoyed it, they put your names on a piece of laminated card attached to a stick and they put it in the ground on the little field and you’ve got to find your name then take it to the table and choose your Easter egg. I think it’s a brilliant way to do it rather than searching for eggs as it means that everyone gets one egg each and it’s more fair with no one being left out. I do however hope that the weather is better for it this year, as last year it was heavy rain! I’m also hoping that my mum will come along again, my daughter isn’t too keen on crowds so it makes it easier for me if I have my mum there to help if my daughter gets flustered etc. Might ask my step-dad if he wants to come along too as my daughter likes seeing him too. All depends on how busy they are though (dairy farmers don’t get a lot of time off!) So we’ll see! 


My mum is coming over tomorrow as she usually does on wednesdays. We’re gonna have curry fajitas for dinner! Then on Thursday I have my second driving lesson at 9:30 til 11:30. Fingers crossed the weather is better for Wednesday and Thursday! 


Now I think I’m going today my daughter away from batman and go downstairs to watch This Morning on itv+1. She’s got a little bit grumpy now, but hopefully she’ll cheer up again as it can be irritating with her squinnying for no reason haha! Joys of toddlers! 

Have a good day everyone!

πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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