Second Driving Lesson

Well today I was more confident than last week; I didn’t panic as much when large vehicles approached me which is a bonus! And I only stalled a couple of times so I’m improving. 

Today we worked on stopping a bit more and left hand turns (though I did have to do a couple right hand turns too) to get me used to feeding the steering wheel through my hands in a ‘pull push’ motion rather than being a stiff armed robot, and I think I done pretty well with it. 

I think the fastest I went today was 35mph in third gear (which really did feel fast even though I obviously know 35 isn’t majorly fast) and I had to tackle a huge puddle and a tree branch that had fallen on my side of the road which I handled fine. We actually went on a different circuit today that went past my mums house haha! Just meant that there were more twists and turns in the road which I apparently got round really well.

It got to about 11, and my instructor said that either I could drive home or if I was too scared to that we’d swap over and he would drive instead, so I took a deep breath and said “if you think I can do it then I’ll give it a try”. I did well until we got into the village I live in- the roads are quite narrow with a LOT of parked cars along the sides. Unfortunately I panicked a bit and mounted a curb but my instructor said not to worry about it as apart from that I done well driving in an environment we hadn’t done yet. I did however stall the car when I stopped outside my house to which we both said “ohhh no!”. 

So as a whole, I think my lesson went really well. I’m getting better at staying in a good position in the road, not panicking at oncoming vehicles, changing gear smoothly, and my stopping and pulling away is improving too. I’ve got three more lessons already booked and paid for, but I will definitely need more lessons than that to get to test level. Which I’m cool with, as I didn’t think I’d complete it in just five 2 hour lessons! But what’s important, is that I can see myself that I’m improving and becoming more confident. I can do this!

Third lesson is next Thursday at 9:30am til 11:30am again. I just hope the weather will be nicer as so far I’ve only driven in the rain! 

Now though, it’s time to chill out and try to stay awake! I seem to feel so tired after driving lessons from having to concentrate haha! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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