Let’s Talk About Sex Baby…

let’s talk about you and me…or maybe not haha!


This is where I really hope my family aren’t reading my blog! Now this isn’t going to be a post full of gory X rated details as I’m not that sort of person to share that much.


What are your thoughts on the human body, whether it’s male, female, or somewhere inbetween? Personally I find bodies of any size, shape, colour and gender rather gross and I actually find sex even more stomach turning. Hear me out, I’m not against sex (obviously as I’m a mum so have had sex) but if you really think about it, like really think, sex is pretty yucky. I mean, who actually ‘discovered’ sex in the first place and what on earth were they thinking putting man parts into lady parts or whatever! Sex is messy, you can get sweaty, pull awful faces, make weird noises, bodies make weird noises, it can hurt, and the small fact that the ‘sex area’ is also the ‘toilet area’ of your body! Not sounding so great now is it haha! 


Even though it’s pretty gross (in my opinion) sex isn’t always bad and yucky as intimacy and closeness with someone you love can mean a lot, or for some people that maybe don’t have sex for love it’s the excitement and maybe even attention they crave. I don’t personally fall into either of those ‘types’ though, as to me sex is not important and I don’t associate it with love or excitement. I’ve never been someone who ‘needed’ sex, even more so the older I get. I’m 24 this year, and I can honestly say that if I never had sex again it really wouldn’t bother me. Now I’m not saying I will never have sex ever again, if it happens it happens, but if I don’t I’ll live! (To be honest the thought of having sex again kind of scares me as I’m not body confident at all especially as pregnancy and giving birth changes a woman’s body in various ways, so it would take me a long time to feel comfortable enough to sleep with someone again) I mean, the last time I had sex or any kind of ‘sexual contact’ was when my daughter was conceived and she’s 3 this year (you do the math, it’s been a while!) And it 100% doesn’t bother me. because(without sounding big headed or up myself) if I really wanted sex I could get it, but I have a high level of self respect so wouldn’t have a one night stand or meet someone just to sleep with them. I mean, since I last had sex I have shared a bed with maybe 3 or 4 men on separate occasions (most of my friends are male) and we have literally just slept. Stuff like cuddles mean more to me than sex as soppy as that may sound. 

In my past I have made a few ‘mistakes’ regarding my choice of sexual partners, but I think most people have; there are some I wish I had never gone near, but in the same respect I don’t regret it as everything happens for a reason even if you don’t know the reason!


Some people will use sex as a weapon- either withholding it from their partner or using it as a threat to get a sense of power (eg “if you don’t have sex with me now I’ll leave you for someone else”) and some people use sex as a form of abuse (rape, pedophilia etc). Both ‘types’ of people are scum that don’t deserve the air they breathe and should obviously be avoided like the plague (easier said than done in a lot of cases I know, but for example if you’re with someone who uses sex as a weapon then it’s best to leave them). So from that you may realise how powerful and even dangerous sex can actually be.


On a lighter note- I wonder how many people reading this have a sexual fetish of some sort? (For the record, I 100% do NOT, contrary to what many have assumed just because I’m heavily tattooed) I was in a house share back when I was about 19 and one of my house mates was into various different sexual activities, she had a ‘bag of tricks’ as she called it which had things like paddles and soft rope etc in (she openly spoke about it, it was no secret) she quite often showed me bruises and red marks she had got during her ‘fun weekends away’ because she was into the whole pain thing…she always laughed at me when I said things like “why would you like that are you insane?!” Because I’ve just never understood why or how anyone would like to be smacked with paddles or hog tied etc. Same as I have never understood the whole dressing up thing either- it’s just going to be taken off anyway! Maybe I’m just kid fashioned…or boring…maybe both?! Whatever you’re into sex wise, as long as its legal and consensual then I’m not one to judge you for it, I actually find it kind of interesting to learn about other people’s likes/dislikes etc. (I’m nosey and curious like that, people fascinate me)


Again, I really hope my family aren’t reading this, it’s rather embarrassing talking about sex with family or watching a sex scene in a film with a family member there! As far as my family is concerned, I’m a virgin and the magic stork bought my daughter to me, or the fairies magically grew a baby in my tummy, or I’m like the virgin Mary…something like that anyway haha! 


πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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