Mothers Day/Being A Mum

Happy Mother’s Day to all mums out there, whether here or in the stars, and not forgetting the men or other family members who are ‘playing mum’. I hope you all had a lovely day. 


Myself, my daughter and my mum actually had our mothers day on Wednesday as I don’t see my mum at the weekends. My daughter made me a card at toddler group, though she didn’t like doing it particularly as she hates having dirty hands- it’s supposed to be flowers but she didn’t want to do any more after her hand print haha! But still I love it. My Mum and Nan also sent me mothers day cards too. 

The presents I received were 3 adult colouring books, a Boofles cup and chocolate set, and a crochet unicorn my mum made for me.

I got my mum a box of mint match makers chocolate, a novelty fluffy owl pen, owl notebook (she loves owls and like me loves stationary) a pack of coloured writing pens, a book and a CD. I also always get my Nan something, so this year she got a book and DVD (which I forgot to take photos of before parcelling them up) 


Being a mum is 100% the best achievement in my life that nothing will ever top. It’s a real honour to be called ‘mummy’ and have a little person totally relying on me. She truly is my world and made me find myself and become a better person, infact I’m the best ‘version’ of me I’ve ever been and I can say that I’m proud of myself for growing a human, giving birth to her, and keeping her safe, happy and healthy- even if she does have an occasional demon child strop! I wouldn’t change it for the world. 


I just can’t believe how fast time goes- my daughter was 2 days early but my pregnancy went so fast! I actually started getting a slight bump from around 6 weeks I showed really early, and just kept growing! (Before pregnancy I was just under 7stone, then went up to around 11/12stone) pregnancy was uncomfortable as she was back to back with me for most of the time, I had really painful hips, morning sickness for most of it (was actually only sick once, but the yucky feeling was bad enough it was like travel sickness, I actually had to leave my carer job because I became very sensitive to smells) my feet, ankles and knees were swollen, and my bump was huge on my small frame! 

But all of that was worth it as my daughter was born healthy- she was so chilled out during labor that her heart rate stayed perfectly steady the whole time even though she kept getting stuck where I couldn’t push hard enough and I was too small built- I had to actually be cut so that she could get out easier (gross thought I know sorry!) And the only time I used pain relief was when they stitched the cut up (gas and air which I tried for contractions but it made me feel super light headed and tight chested that I didn’t want to use it so I didn’t) I had my mum and her friend as my birthing partners; her friend is like a midwife assistant (I don’t know her actual job title) and she really helped- she drove us to hospital and once I’d been cut she helped by playing tug of war with me. That probably sounds odd but it was a method to help me push harder for longer- we held one end of a towel each and with every contraction we would both pull which helped me push for longer. She also gave my daughter her first proper bath and hair wash to show me how to do it. The midwives I had in the maternity hospital were brilliant I was really lucky to have such a fantastic group of people looking after me and my daughter. 


Next year, my daughter will be 4 years old and be starting school part time- the thought of that makes me excited for her to learn and start her education journey, but it also makes me so sad that I can’t be with her all day every day (school hours are far too long in my opinion) I just can’t believe how fast she’s growing up. I’m going to stop there before I get too teary haha! 


Again I hope everyone has enjoyed mothers day, and I send my love to those who find this day difficult for whatever reason. ❤ 


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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