What’s your type? Relationship goals.

For some reason, a question I get asked a lot is ‘what is your type of man you go for’. I think because those who have seen my exs get kind of confused as they all look totally different, and the only similarity between them was that they weren’t great people to be in a relationship with!


I have always said I don’t have a ‘type’; I’ve been with skinny guys, chubbier guys, stupidly muscly, tattooed, not tattooed etc. But everyone has certain preferences they’re drawn to and I think my main one is height- I’ve always preferred men who are taller than me (being 5ft 9 doesn’t always make that easy!) I also seem to prefer guys who aren’t blonde for some unknown reason- only had one blonde boyfriend and that was in my second year of senior school- anyone since has either been skinhead or darker haired. I’ve never had a preference of eye colour I don’t think, and I’m not overly fussed on body types, though I wouldn’t go for the extremes like morbidly obese/ridiculously skinny or look as if they’ve swallowed a load of steroids. I’m quite happy with ‘average’ body types so that they’re in proportion with themselves in a sense. 

So many people think that just because I’m heavily tattooed that I’ll only go for heavily tattooed men- this is wrong. I couldn’t care less if a man has tattoos or not- infact only one of my exs is heavily tattooed (including his face) and most of my exs either had a couple tattoos or none at all. 

Now this is going to sound cliche, but personality is important to me- I like men who can make me laugh but can be serious when needs be; caring but not suffocating, and understanding not pushy and judgemental. I’m very independent, so I don’t need to live in the pocket of a man every minute of every day- I’d be happy getting a good morning and good night text to know I’ve been thought about. MASSIVE turn offs for me are liars, cheats, abusers and addicts. I’ve been with men who have had drink and drug issues and it never ended well- I’d rather not be with someone relying on a substance as it causes worry and arguments. Smoking (cigarettes not weed) doesn’t bother me, just respect me enough to not do it around my daughter. 

I love passionate creative people, whether it’s a passion for vehicles, sport, art, writing, dancing, helping people or musically talented with their voice or instruments, anything! It makes you more interesting to have an interest in something, and I like learning about things so if I cab learn from you it’s an added bonus! 

Having an accepting nature is needed in order to be with me- not just accepting my daughter and the fact shes my top priority over everything, but accepting me as a person (I get down days sometimes, I’ve had depression for ten years so I’m bound to, I also have scars from a past of self harm, and I don’t always know how to handle compliments from having little self confidence) I also have a slight obsession with David Bowie so they’d have to accept that too haha! 


I see a lot of people go on about couples who are ‘relationship goals’, and for me I’d say there’s 2 couples I have as my ‘relationship goals’. 

Giovanna and Tom Fletcher- they just seem so fun and loving, almost like the ‘childhood sweetheart’ vibe, and they’re both so supportive of each other and everything they do. 


Iman and David Bowie to me just scream out true unconditional love. Iman in a sense saved David and he really sorted himself and his health out while with her. They kept their personal life very private, but they both supported each others work and dreams right the way through their relationship. Every photo of them together is just full of love and admiration for eachother, and that’s the kind of relationship I want- where just a simple look at each other lights up our eyes and smiles. 


Who are your ‘relationship goals’ couple?  Or maybe you have more specific preferences than me? 


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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