Chatty Tuesday!

Well aren’t you lucky, 3 posts in one day! 


We haven’t really done much today, my daughter had a proper lay in of about 11am this morning so we just had a lazy chilled out day mainly watching Trolls and Paw Patrol. She appears to like to get atleast 10 hours sleep at the moment! She’s going to hate me in the morning though as I’ll be waking her up around 9/9:30 to get down to toddler group for a bit before my mum comes over for the night. I’m just praying it doesn’t rain in the morning and isn’t too cold, don’t fancy getting soaked! I’d stay in but I need to give our Easter Egg Hunt form and money to someone as I have no idea where the place is that it gets handed in to! I really hope my daughter doesn’t have a hissy fit when it’s time to leave toddler group tomorrow…nout more embarrassing when your child who everyone has commented on saying how lovely she is decides to scream her head off because she doesn’t want to leave the green dinosaur little tykes car behind, or put her coat on, or her reins, or shoes…yeah wasn’t fun!! So fingers crossed she’ll leave easier tomorrow! 


I’m in the process of getting bits and bobs together to make an Easter bonnet. There’s a competition to do with the shop The Works, so thought I’d give it a go for something to do. I’m also planning on making some Easter treats soon which I’ll post on here once I’ve done them. I was gonna make them for the toddler group, but I don’t think I will incase they don’t want them as its chocolate so not exactly healthy! I’ll make them for myself, my daughter if she’ll try them, and my mum and step-dad instead.


Does anyone else’s toddler love boxes? I swear my daughter is part cat she gets in any size box! At the moment she’s sat in a box that her baby wipes came in. Such a little weirdo. 


I hate that the weather can’t make its mind up at the moment, I never know what to dress myself and my daughter in! Or what coats and shoes to wear. First world problems here haha! 


So the plan for this evening is to watch the soaps, attempt to tidy up the chaos my daughter has caused in the living room, then bath time and bed. Fingers crossed my daughter will fall asleep early ish so it’s not too painful to wake up early in the morning! One can dream eh! 


I hope everyone’s had a good day, and I shall be back on Thursday with an update on my third driving lesson, which looks like its gonna be in the rain again! 

πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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