Driving Lesson Number 3

Today I had my third driving lesson which I feel went alright. We worked on turning left at junctions again and changing gears quicker. 

I’m getting better at turning now, I just need to work on not stopping too soon at junction. I am getting a lot better at being in the right position though and not going over into the other side of the road when turning. 

I think I’m doing alright with changing gears quicker now and more smoothly. I need to get over my fear of speed though. I reached 40mph today and panicked a bit (I know it’s not fast, but it feels fast). I am getting better though, I managed to stay in third gear without having to change to a lower gear from going too slow. 

I did do a couple of little fuck ups today- nothing major it was just me panicking and going too far over into puddles/pot holes and I think I stalled once, but atleast I am seeing improvements. It is still early days obviously as it was only my third lesson so I’m bound to still make some mistakes…I did feel a bit annoyed with myself for panicking when I really didn’t need to, and when I made the stupid mistake of not assessing a gap properly when a car came towards me on a narrow road. But I need to not beat myself up about it as it’ll knock my confidence which I can’t let happen. Need to just keep telling myself that I’m still learning and it’s ok to make mistakes sometimes. 

I don’t have a lesson next week as my instructor is away, so my next lesson isn’t until the 13th of April. So I’m hoping I can spend this time now just going over everything in my head, reminding myself that I’m not doing bad, and have a go on my hazard perception thing I got to use on my laptop (if my laptop will allow it, it’s an old laptop so I’m praying it’ll work!) 

I think where I made a couple of mistakes today I felt a bit defeated, and as though it’s going to take me ages to even get to driving on town roads with more traffic rather than quieter country roads let alone getting to a stage where I’m ready for my tests and able to pass. Which is silly I need to stop thinking like that because the more negative I think, the longer it will take for me to progress and improve. I need to stop beating myself up so much. 

I’ve got two more paid lessons left, then I’ll have to book some more and see if I can pay in parts as I don’t have the money to pay out big amounts in one hit. Times like this I wish I had a rich family that paid for everything like some people have…not that I’d accept it easily as I hate asking for help when it’s to do with money haha! Maybe I should start doing the lottery and try to become a millionaire…even £500 would help seeing as the 10 hours I’ve paid for already cost me £230 and I think I’m going to need a lot more than another 10 hours! 
Now I’m going to chill out and watch something I recorded last night called Dr Christian Will See You Now (some medical program) and try to get myself out of the silly ‘failure’ mood because I know I’m not doing too bad really. 

Hope everyone else has a good day. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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