Old TV Shows And Games From My Childhood And Teen Years

Games and TV shows have changed a fair bit over the years. I thought I’d share with you a list of my favourites that I watched/played as a child and teenager, some of which I still watch/own now! I’ll include pictures to jog the memories of others so you can reminisce with me!


Let’s start with games shall we! Now I’m not going through board games as I’m an only child so didn’t really get to play a lot of board games though I did own a few, but I wanted to share some of the computer games I played. These 4 are all PC games that I played as a young teen. 

  1. Taz Wanted
  2. The Sims 
  3. Catz 5
  4. Dogz 5

I also enjoyed these games on different consoles:

  1. Sing Star (PS2)
  2. Professor Layton (DS)
  3. Luxor (Xbox360)
  4. Saw (Xbox360)

  1. Street Fighter (Sega)
  2. Jack and Daxter (PS2)
  3. Spyro (gameboy SP)
  4. Crash Bandicoot (gameboy SP)

The last 4 are my favourites I think..

  1. Hogs Of War (PS1)
  2. Mortal Kombat (PS1)
  3. Rocks n Gems (PS1)
  4. Rayman (PS1)


Now onto the long list of TV shows! Obviously there are a lot more, but these are the ones that came to mind first. I apologise if some are incorrect spelling!

Roli Poli Oli, The Hoobs, Mopatops Shop, Hilltop Hospital…

So happy that I managed to find HH on DVD! My daughter loves it. I also still remember the lyrics to the songs of HH and Hoobs.

… Kim Possible, Ren And Stimpy, Mona The Vampire, Jay Jay The Jet Plane…

… Dinosaurs, Clangers, Bagpuss, Trapdoor…

… Raggy Dolls, Wind In The Willows, Brambly Hedge, Magic Roundabout…

… The Story Of Tracy Beaker, Worst Witch, Jungle Run, Raven…

I actually met the author of TSOTB Jacqueline Wilson at a book signing years ago when she signed a couple of my books one of which is Lola Rose which was my favourite book as a young teen. I always had a crush on the bloke from Raven…still do!

… Happy Monsters, Come Outside, High5, My Parents Are Aliens…

I was obsessed with HM, it was on channel5 and everyone I’ve mentioned it to have never heard of it!

… Rosie And Jim, Tots TV, El Nombre, Dappledown Farm…

I wish I could get Dappledown Farm on DVD!

… Rotten Trolls, Sesame Street, The Shiny Show, Bear In The Big Blue House…

Rotten Trolls was a weird show, it had one troll who was all in black with a black veil over her face that absolutely terrified me as a kid! I actually have BITBBH on DVD, and still remember all the songs!

… Finger Tips, Smart, HOW, Art Attack…

I was so upset when Mark Speight from Smart died 😦 

… Miami Ink, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Absolutely Fabulous, Bottom…

… Smile, SMTV Live, Top Of The Pops, Only Fools And Horses…

I remember being around 9 years old or maybe a bit younger I think, and being allowed to stay up a bit later to watch TOTP because it was a David Bowie special (always been obsessed with Bowie!). Also with OFAH I always loved Rodney as he looks like my uncle! And there’s an episode where Rodney becomes a dad and the baby is the absolute doppelganger of my daughter when she was born!

… Scrapheap Challenge, The Tribe, Farscape, Animal Hospital…

… Blankety Blank, Catchphrase, Supermarket Sweep, and Robot Wars.

I’m still really good at catchphrase!


For whatever reason, my mind is really good at remembering lyrics to songs and theme tunes, so most if not all of the shows listed that have songs I remember the lyrics to!


Are there any in my list that you watched? What was your favourite? Do you still watch/play any of them?

πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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