Would You Rather Spring/Easter.

I was browsing though google for some quiz things to do on here and I came across a few would you rather questions so thought I’d give this one a go as its meant to be Spring (if someone could tell the weather that please!) 


Would you rather…

Have flowers growing out the top of your head, or, have butterflies constantly flying around your head?

I think butterflies could get annoying, but it depends on the flowers…if they don’t smell or make me sneeze then I choose flowers growing out the top of my head. 

Walk around for 24 hours with 20 huge spiders on your body, or, eat 5 beetles?

Both are gross, but I’d choose the beetles as long as they’re dead. 

Plan an Easter Egg hunt for the kids in your street, or, write an article about an Easter egg hunt that would be published in the local newspaper?

I think I’d probably choose writing an article, as I tend to keep myself to myself so would feel a bit odd organising something for a bunch of people who probably have no idea who I am haha!

Spend a day planting vegetables in your garden, or, spend a day hiking in the woods?

This isn’t a great question for an indoorsy person haha! I’d probably choose gardening as I’m not as fit as I used to be and would probably keel over if I went on a hike haha!

Be a squirrel for a day, or, be a frog for a day?

Squirrel. 100% a squirrel.

Have a garage sale to make extra money, or, a lemonade stand to make extra money?

I have issues getting rid of things so I guess I’d choose a lemonade stand lol 

Have the ability to decide when it rains in the spring time, or, the ability to make flowers grow wherever you plant them?

Even though flowers would look pretty, they make me sneeze and that’s just annoying. Choosing when it rains would be cool though. 

Have feathers like a bird all over your body, or, have bunny ears and cotton tail?

Think I’d choose the rabbit option ears and tail would be easier to hide. 

Be forced to spend all weekend indoors during spring time, or, be forced to spend all weekend outside during spring time?

Indoors. I spent most weekends indoors anyway.

Live in a rabbit burrow, or, live in a giant nest?

Rabbit burrow as it’d probably be warmer and sheltered from rain. 

Catch a frog and enter it into a frog jumping competition, or, make a kite and enter it into a kite competition?

I’d make a kite. Actually designed one years ago in junior school and won the competition. 

Get a large Easter basket full of sweets you don’t like, or, get a small Easter basket full of sweets you love?

If it’s sweets my mum likes then I’d take the large one for her, if not, then the small basket. 

Be covered head to toe with ladybugs, or, have a swarm of bees constantly following you but not stinging you?

Neither? Lol I’ll go with Bees. 

Be a caterpillar, or, be a tadpole?


Have skin as green as a leaf, or, have skin as blue as a clear sky?

Blue I think…would be easier to cover I reckon . 

 Spend a spring afternoon in a meadow watching the clouds, or, spend a spring afternoon in a pond catching frogs?

What’s with all the frog related questions? Meadow and clouds please!

Be allergic to grass, or, be allergic to chocolate?

Grass. Already am in a sense it sets off my hayfever especially if it’s cut grass. Can’t go without chocolate lol. 

Have an Easter basket that produced 10 chocolate eggs every morning, or, a pet bunny that can talk?



🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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