Happy Monday!

Good afternoon you lovely lot! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I know I usually do chatty posts on Tuesday, but I’m doing it today instead as I totally forgot to take the photos I needed for the post I had planned for today, and I’m far too lazy to go upstairs and do it so you’ve got a chatty rambly post today instead πŸ™‚


I was quite content earlier chilling out on the sofa with my daughter on my lap covering me in cuddly toys. Then I got a rather unpleasant feeling on my chest…she had spilt her juice on my left tit! Which she found hilarious by the way! 

I’m hoping it’ll dry before my asda shopping delivery arrives…be a bit awkward answering the door with a wet patch! Can’t even just whip the jumper off because it’s gone though to my grey top underneath! 


 My daughter is 100% obsessed with the film Trolls. Every morning she wakes up singing I Will Get Back Up Again! Which is pretty cute to be fair, though it can be annoying when she’s trying to force me to sing it too haha! 

I’m rather glad the weather has warmed up a bit, as my daughter was decided she doesn’t like clothes! I’ve managed to wrestle a T-shirt into her, but she point blank refuses to wear trousers or anything other than a nappy on her bottom half! Yet I’m sitting here in a jumper, leggings, trackies and socks…she obviously doesn’t feel the cold as much as I do!


I’m waiting for two deliveries this week. One of them is from The Works as I needed some stuff to finish off something I’m doing for a competition (I’ll do a post about it when it’s done) and the other is from Amazon with some Hama Beads or Perler Beads I think they’re also known as. I’ve never tried hama beads before, but thought I’d give it a go to give me something creative to do when I’m not writing or colouring. When I was pregnant I used to do a thing called Latch Hook which is basically the way rugs are made. I’ve got a large poppy one unfinished upstairs still, so I think I’m going to dig it out and attempt to finish it as I did really enjoy doing Latch Hook. Here’s two I completed while pregnant, photos were taken when they’d been done as I don’t think I have them now.

Speaking of being creative, I’m also planning on making some Easter treats next week which again I’ll do a little post about. We’ve also got an Easter egg hunt to go to next week which my mum and step-dad are coming along to aswell…fingers crossed the weather will stay nice as last year it pissed down with rain! I’ve ordered my daughter a Poppy plush from Trolls for Easter from the build a bear website which arrived the other day, I haven’t looked at it yet as I put the box where she can’t get to it! But I’m sure she’ll love it anyway and I know build a bear are good quality as I have a few plush toys from there and so does my daughter. 


I’ve managed to get myself a disc to use on my laptop for hazard perception practice, but I’m going to borrow my mums laptop to use it as mine is so old and slowly dying that I’m worried it’ll totally mess up if I attempt to use this disc! 

I think I mentioned last week that I don’t have a driving lesson this week as my instructor is away to see The Who play! So this week I’m gonna have a word with myself and try build my confidence up so that I can kick ass next week when I’m back to my lessons. Determined to get better!


I seem to be going through a stage again where people decide to not chat to me as much as they used to. This happens to me a lot, people will talk to me loads then just disappear…though I can sort of see why as I’m not the most interesting people I don’t go out much etc so when they ask what I’ve been up to its always the same really. I’m used to my own company though so it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to! I don’t chase people for conversation anymore, if you wanna talk to me then go for it. There’s a few people I will message first on occasion to check they’re ok, but other than that I let people come to me if they want to talk to me. 


Well I hope you all have a good Monday and that the sun comes out for you today. I’m going to carry on clock watching for my shopping delivery as I’m hungry!! But yet again, I forgot to order chocolate! 😭 so I’ll have to get some in the week. Can’t be without chocolate for too long! 

πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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