My Makeup Collection

I know this may not be interesting to some, but if you’re nosey like me then you’ll like seeing what stuff other people have! So today I thought I’d do a makeup collection post. Obviously I don’t wear all of this at once (that would be ridiculous). 


Let’s start with my face first. Barry M Primer which I use every day, it doesn’t really cover anything like it claims but it does make foundation go on nicer, I got this from superdrug for £5.99. Now my face is annoying when it comes to foundation, for whatever reason it doesn’t agree with a lot of brands but it seems to be ok with w7. At the moment I’m using the water proof Buff foundation which I got from Amazon for around £7.I used to use the w7 buff camera ready foundation which I got from B&M for around £3, but whenever I’ve been back in store they never have my shade and I can’t find it online anywhere. The Collection powder in ivory is the powder I’ve always used ever since I started wearing makeup, I get this from superdrug for £2.99 I think…or could even be £1.99 I can’t remember!

I’m obsessed with the revolution pallet for fair skin, it’s a bronzer (I use it for contour though), highlight and blush. I’m lucky enough to be blessed with really good defined cheek bones and jaw line so I don’t need to contour much, I just put a little on to define my cheek bones even more. I don’t use the blush but the highlight is beautiful it’s not too in your face it’s a nice subtle highlight. This was from superdrug for around £4 I think. MUA highlight is the first highlight I ever used, I got it free for purchasing something else from superdrug so I’m not sure how much it costs, and the miss sporty blush is the first blush I bought which I think was about £2 from superdrug, I don’t like blush particularly though so have only tried it the once. Then the brush is what I use for contour and highlight it came in a set of other brushes for around £5 in superdrug.

I have really thin lips and I don’t feel that lip stick etc looks right on me at all, so I don’t use these products at all really other than the clear lipgloss every now and again. The mua barely there lipstick makes it look like I haven’t wiped foundation off my lips and makes them really dry so I have only used it once.

Eyeliners! Collection black fast stroke liquid eyeliner is the only liquid eyeliner I get on with, I think it’s £2 from superdrug. Black pencil liner came in a massive pack of about 20 from Amazon for £2. The others are liners I don’t tend to use very often. The mua blue pencil liner is really nice though I went through a phase of wearing it a lot.

I’ve got quite long eye lashes luckily so I don’t need false ones. I change what mascara I use all the time I don’t have a set favourite it’s literally whatever is cheapest at the time really. I think all three were around £3 each from superdrug. I always buy black mascara but I accidentally bought brown black which is usually what I use on days where I’m not making much effort with makeup and just want something to wake my eyes up a bit.

Onto eyeshadow which are pretty self explanatory. This first one though is the first pallet I owned, and is around ten or more years old! I have no idea what brand it is, I know it’s from superdrug but that’s it as the writing has rubbed away!

This pallet is from superdrug, I think I paid £4 for it.

These were from a cheap ish bits n bobs shop that my Nan got for me, I’m not sure how much they are. I think they can be bought in B&M too.

MUA eyeshadow all from superdrug for £1 each.

These last bits aren’t makeup but they’re a couple ‘essentials’ I have too. First is my mirror which was 50p from superdrug, Zoella hungry hands hand cream which is vanilla and gingerbread from superdrug for £2.99, soft and gentle deodorant in wild rose and vanilla which can be found in most shops that sell these kind of items, and a dry shampoo from superdrug which was 99p. 


Well I hope you enjoyed a nose through my makeup collection. I am planning on doing other posts like this too of various other ‘collections’ I have. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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