Never Have I Ever…

Thought I’d do this as a bit of light hearted fun. I haven’t read through the questions I’ve just found some on Google so I have no idea where this will go haha!


Never have I ever…

Injured myself while trying to impress someone I like… I’m not really one try and impress people, but I’m really clumsy so I’ve more than likely hurt myself infront of someone I like. 

Had to run to save my life… I guess I have, I’ve had to run across really busy roads before so does that count seeing as I’d of been run over if I didn’t? 

Taken food out of a bin and eaten it… yes but hear me out lol I had a mate who would bin dive at the shop they lived above because they often threw away packaged food that was still fine to eat. 

Taken part in a talent show…I have, almost. In junior school we done a kind of pop idol thing and I was supposed to be performing S Club 7 Never Had A Dream Come True with a few of my friends. But a few days before the first round, I injured my wrist and it was in a splint, so my teacher wouldn’t let me take part. 

Walked for more than six hours…not non stop no. I used to walk for hours but I’d stop and chill out for a bit or scream at the sky if I was upset etc. 

Jumped from a roof… does a shed roof count? 

Broken a bone…I don’t think I’ve ever broken bones, I have fractured a few though. My right ankle twice (first time I didn’t know about and only found out when I done it a second time years later) and bits of my right wrist and right knuckles. Pretty sure my daughter has damaged my nose too from headbutting me by accident.

Tried to cut my own hair…I’ve cut my own hair for years. I’ve actually got a kinda phobia of going to a salon.

Shot a gun… yes I have. When I lived on a farm with my mum and step-dad when I was about 16, a massive rat was right outside our front door which was open, it had eaten some poison but not enough to kill it so I shot it to put it out of its misery and stop it getting into our house. I hated it but it would of been more cruel to let it suffer. (Rat poison was put down because we didn’t want them getting into the cow food etc.)

Had a surprise party thrown for me…no I haven’t. I don’t like surprises like that or being centre of attention, so a surprise party is my idea of worst nightmare lol 

Fallen in love at first sight…yes I have once I believe. I used to go to a pub when I was around 14/15, and the first time I went in there I saw the guy behind the bar and instantly got butterflies. There is history there with him as we became really close and kinda like an unofficial couple (someone asked once if i was his girlfriend, and we both looked at each other and he replied with something along the lines of that’s up to her…to which I had no idea what to say so said nothing. Missed my chance there!!) 

Woke up and couldn’t move…yes. when I was little I’d wake up in agony- my hips would cramp up and totally paralyse me from waist down until it went away. It’s horrible. Also when I was pregnant I had a few mornings when I couldn’t get out of bed as my daughter would be in an awkward position.

Been awake for two days straight…I have. There was one instance where I stated awake for over 48 hours because I was obsessing over numbers…bit like in the film Number 23 where he finds everything links to specific numbers and sequences. 

Dyed my hair a crazy colour…it’s not really crazy, but I’ve had red in my hair, and purple. 

Been slapped across the face…yeah a few times! First time was in junior school, a girl randomly came up to me and slapped me for no reason. 

Worked with someone I hated…hate is a strong word, but I have worked with a few people I really strongly disliked!

Cried in public because of a song…yes, I went through a stage of not being able to listen to Wherever You Will Go by The Calling because of an ex, and it was always played in the shopping centre where I worked!

Texted for four hours straight…yeah more than likely. Back in the day though when I had people to text haha! 

Thrown something at a TV or computer screen…not on purpose no, I’ve chucked something and aimed wrong so it hit the TV.

Spent a night in the woods with no shelter…I have quite a few times. As a teenager I often went to the local woods with mates and we rarely took a tent as it was too much to carry on the mission of a walk it was to get there and back!

Read a whole book in one day…yeah when I was younger I used to read quite a lot. I think the first time I read a few  Jacqueline Wilson books called Lola Rose, Cat Mummy, Love Lessons I finished them in one day. 

Stolen something from a restaurant…I have lol the chicken on a stick thing from nandos…still have it somewhere. 

Had a bad allergic reaction…yep. when I was 16 I had gastroenteritis, which for some reason made me allergic to all pastry. If I eat even a tiny bite of pastry it makes me violently ill. Also stinging nettles…they really badly affect my skin I end up looking like Popeye!

Fainted…I have a few times. Joys of having naturally low blood pressure. 

Looked through someone else’s phone…yes, my exs when they cheated on me. 

Watched porn with someone…haha I have but not in a serious way. I’m friends with a lot of guys, and they’re total dirt bags lol so I’ve been shown stuff like the weird fetish videos, or two girls one cup etc. 

Stripped infront of anyone after losing a bet…sort of, in the pub while playing pool if you lose and still have all your colours on the table without potting any then the forfeit is to run sound the table with your trousers down. 

Ended a relationship…I’ve dumped three guys in my life, and only one of them was face to face lol I’m usually the one that gets dumped. 

Cheated whilst in a relationship…I’ve never cheated on anyone. 

Had feelings for a friend…well yeah I believe in becoming friends first before anything else. 

Got into debt…yes. one is my own fault from going over an over draft, but the other is down to my old housemate- he bought a phone off of me and said he’d changed it all into his name etc so that the phone and contract was nothing to do with me…I didn’t know that this wasn’t actually possible without me being there. He then made me homeless  when I was pregnant by lying saying his sick mother was moving in so I had to go…and then I get hit with an £800 bill from the phone company that he had built up. Arsehole. 


Well they weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be haha! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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