What the postman delivered today 

I ordered a few bits and bobs from Amazon and The Works last week (still waiting for another delivery though) and thought I’d share with you what I bought 🙂 


I ordered myself some Hama Beads to try. Though I have had to order some other peg boards as I didn’t realise the owl pack was mini beads and the tubs were midi beads. The owl pack was £3.99 and the tubs were around £4.99 each I think. All from Amazon so easy enough to find. 

I think I mentioned previously in a post that I was making an Easter bonnet for a competition The Works are doing at the moment. I ordered these little chicks to use on it so I should get it finished soon 🙂 £1 for 6 from the works. 

My step-dad loves the puzzle things you get in Christmas crackers, so I bought him one on a bigger scale for something to do as he doesn’t like just sitting and doing nothing. This was either £2 or £3 from the works. 

My mum is like me and loves all things stationery/crafty. So I got her this a5 size clipboard and memo pad for £2 from the works that she can use for her crochet projects or whatever. 

My daughter loves Paw Patrol lately, so I had to get her this lovely story book. Again this was either £2 or £3 from the works. 

Now I couldn’t order from the works without getting myself a notebook could I! So I got this Sirius Black notebook as he’s my favourite character in Harry Potter, and I adore Gary Oldman. This notebook was £2.


Truth be told I was going to write about something totally different today, but for whatever reason the sunshine we’ve had makes me feel really tired so I wanted something nice and easy to post about today that didn’t take too much brain power! But I hope you’ve enjoyed having a nose through my post today 🙂  

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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