My Phobias and Cringey Dislikes 

Everyone has a fear/phobia of at least one thing, or something they really don’t like that gives them shivers. I for one, have quite a few! I think being a naturally anxious worrier doesn’t help! So I thought I’d share some of mine with you to see if anyone else has the same at all. 


The first is probably the most ‘normal’ fear I have which is Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) I will not stay in a room with any size spider it has to be removed. Though I’m not as scared of tarantulas as they move slower than house spiders. I don’t really like any creepy crawlies to be honest!


Ornithophobia is another fear of mine, which is a fear of birds- the main bird I’m scared of is Pigeons! I hate them being anywhere near me, I’m fine with other birds as long as they don’t flap near me. 


Thanatophobia is the fear of death or loved ones dying- this for me has got worse since becoming a mum as obviously I don’t want to lose my daughter or leave her without a mum. I get quite upset and worried about it if I think about it too much. 


The phobia of mine that surprises people the most because I’m heavily tattooed, is my dislike of medical needles. I get quite anxious about blood tests as my veins are rubbish and it takes a few attempts to find one good enough. Staying on the medical fears, I am terrified of being put to sleep incase I don’t wake up again. 


I can’t swim at all, and I hate water in my face- I’m fine with baths and swimming pools I can stand up easily in, but I am scared of deep water (Bathophobia) 


Since becoming a mum, for some reason I have a fear of the dark which is known as Nyctophobia. In my upstairs hallway, I have a night light plugged in so that I don’t open my door into darkness. 


I feel really uncomfortable if my front door is unlocked, and if curtains are open when it’s dark outside- I end up convincing myself that someone is outside watching me through the window. 


The final three fears on my list aren’t overly common I don’t think. The first is a fear of not being able to touch my face- so I can easily be in a small space, but I couldn’t have my arms restricted I need to be able to touch my face. The second is Spec trip hobo a which is a fear of mirrors- I can look in a mirror do my makeup but I can’t must stand infront of a mirror for no reason or be in a room where there’s a mirror in my view but not my reflection (if that makes any sense at all!) The third is a fear of hair salons. A few years ago I passed out in a salon while getting my hair done and got taken to hospital in an ambulance because my blood pressure was dangerously low. I haven’t been in a salon since. 


There are a few things that make me panic/cringe: low flying aircraft of any sort really sets off my anxiety and makes me panic; the second is the sound or feel of scratching paper/card; nail files really freak me out, I squirm just picking one up and have to literally be pinned down to have my nails filed; and lastly, the word ‘moist’, even reading it gives me shivers and makes me gag!


I know for certain that I’ve missed some out, but this would be a ridiculously long post if I could remember them all off the top of my head!


Do you have any strange phobias or dislikes? Are any the same as mine? Let me know so I’m not the only scaredy cat round here!

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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