Protective Parent Ramble/Rant/Vent About Bullies

Today, I took my two year old daughter to the shop for a little walk in the nice weather we’ve had recently. We said hello to everyone we went past, including every dog, cat and bird. We named the colours of parked cars. My daughter chose a magazine and played peekaboo with the shop assistant. On the way home she decided she wanted to carry my purse so she was happily walking along holding on to it and didn’t drop it once. (My daughter has reins when we go out so that it’s easier to keep her safely walking with me) 

About 30 seconds from my house is the local doctors surgery, and at the weekends there’s often children playing in the empty car park. One day we walked past and my daughter spotted a dog, so she got excited and told me what noise a dog makes…the boys playing in the carpark apparently found this hilarious and started making barking noises too. Ever since, every time we walk past them they bark. 

Today, we approached the carpark and I could see 3 boys playing- two of them were maybe around 6 years old, and there was an older boy on a bike who was maybe around 8. Straight away I knew what to expect… my daughter is so friendly to anyone she’s while walking and will say hello to everyone. She happily started waving and saying hello to the boys in the car park, but they didn’t say hello back; instead they began barking and shouting at her saying “she’s not a human she’s a dog!” (Which made my blood boil) of course my daughter being 2 years old doesn’t understand when little brats are being nasty, so she carried on smiling and laughing as I tried to make her walk a bit quicker. The smiles stopped though when these horrible boys kicked their ball at her which hit her back and made her cry. I shouted at the boys “she’s two years old leave her alone!” And carried on walking with my daughter who didn’t want to be picked up but was still crying, and even though she was crying, she still waved and said bye to these boys! I told her to “ignore the nasty boys” and to keep walking to go home. 

It honestly made me so angry and upset, that at the age of 2 my daughter is being bullied by these nasty little shits (I have no idea where they live so can’t even have a word with their parents). I have never been so glad to get my daughter indoors. She wasn’t hurt by the ball hitting her, I think it was more the shock of it that made her cry. I got her safe indoors, locked the front door, took off her coat,reins and shoes and gave her the magazine she had chosen along with a kinder egg and her bottle of juice then I put her favourite movie Trolls on for her. I sat an cried because it had upset me so much that these boys had been nasty to my little girl. She isn’t old enough to understand what bullies are, but I am and I don’t like them one bit. She’s 2 years old for fuck sake. How can anyone bully any one else let alone a toddler who doesn’t understand?  

This has made me dread signing her up for school even more than I already was. I have to apply for her school placement in November I think for her to start in September 2017 and I’m seriously not looking forward to it at all. Not only because obviously I’d love to keep her with me all the time, but because of nasty children like the boys in the carpark today. I am not choosing home school straight away, as I want to give her the opportunity to try school, but, if she gets bullied and dreads going to school then I will remove her and homeschool her. I will not let her be unhappy during her educational years like I was when I was bullied through school. I know first hand what it feels like to fake feeling ill so you didn’t have to face the bullies or be sat alone at break time, and I refuse to let my daughter go through that. She’ll be taught to stick up for herself, which is something I wish I had the confidence to do at school, and that she can tell me if someone is bullying her. I do not tolerate bullying of any kind, I’m extremely protective and if anyone bullies my daughter I will not let them get away with it or let her be unhappy and even scared to go to school. 

My daughter is currently curled up next to me in bed, and has just dozed off to sleep, totally unaware of the fact she was bullied today, and that her mummy is totally heartbroken by it. I’m glad that she doesn’t understand yet, as it would be even more heartbreaking if she was upset by it, but I know if we walk past them again she will still be full of smiles and happily say hello to them whilst being totally oblivious to the fact they’re nasty, vile little boys who are taking the piss out of a two year old. If I see these children out with their parents, I will be having words with them. Unfortunately without knowing who their parents are or what house they come from there isn’t really anything I can do at the moment. One thing for sure, is they’ve put me off wanting to take my daughter out for a walk at the weekends now (apart from evenings during the week, weekends are the only tine the car park is empty and the kids play in it) because I don’t want a repeat of what happened today, or for her to get hurt. If they’d of kicked that ball at her head she could of really hurt herself, fallen over face first onto concrete, or if they’d kicked it harder they could of winded her today. I can’t explain how angry and upset I am that these kids think it’s ok to pick on a 2 year old, even while I’m there too because obviously I don’t let her play in the street. 

I wasn’t going to write about this but I needed to let out a bit of the anger and hurt it’s caused. Atleast next weekend when we go out to the Easter Egg Hunt we’ll have my mum and step-dad with us too, who don’t stand for any shit like that. 

Kids can be so cruel. I honestly think schools etc need more talks on bullying, as it can ruin lives and have devastating effects too. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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