Silhouette Canvas Paintings By Me!

I really enjoy creating things for other people, and I’ve done a couple paintings for friends for free but thought why not try selling some and make a bit of pocket money to put towards things like driving lessons etc. 

I thought I’d reach out to the world of wordpress and see if anyone in the UK would be interested at all. All paintings are acrylic and will be done on canvas boards that are size 5×7 inch for £7 which includes postage. 

Here are two examples of my previous work. David Bowie is in my living room and Ursula was for a friend. 

If anyone is interested, then send me an email ( telling me what celeb/character etc silhouette painting you would like, along with colour preferences. No payment will be taken until painting is complete, and progress emails will be sent (I may need time for ordering canvas boards and obviously doing the actual painting as I’m a single mum so have a toddler to entertain too) Smoke and Pet free home. SHIPPING TO UK ONLY.

Thanks, and I hope I get to create something for you soon.

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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