Easter Weekend

So it’s Friday, but not a normal Friday, it’s ‘good Friday’… though I have no idea what is so food about it, just that it’s the start of Easter weekend; the only weekend where eating stupid amounts of chocolate is perfectly acceptable. Now I usually don’t need an excuse to eat chocolate, but the one weekend it’s acceptable to eat a creme egg for breakfast I have next to no chocolate in the house! Just some of those small kinder chocolate bar thingys. I’ll have an Easter egg tomorrow though as myself, my daughter, mum and step-dad are going to the local Easter Egg hunt and craft fayre where local people charge RIDICULOUS prices for their creations (why do people do that? Like card makers who charge £4 for one small card?!) At least the Easter eggs are good though! £1.50 each for the egg hunt is worth it for chocolate haha! I just hope the weather brightens up as today it’s been pretty grey and windy out there today. 

The thing I don’t get about Easter, is that the date changes every year. Religion wise it’s about when Jesus died and resurrected…so how can his date of death/resurrection change every year? Christmas is always 25th December which is his birthday, so why does Easter date always change? I’ve had this discussion before with a religious person and they said it was something to do with the sun or something…whatever it was, it doesn’t explain how a man’s date of death and resurrection changes every year. 

Another thing I don’t get, is why non religious people take part in lent. What’s the point? I mean, I know you could say the same about Christmas but for me personally Christmas is a family day of giving and spending time with those you love, and making idiots of yourselves erasing the paper hats let of the Christmas crackers…so I don’t see it as a religious occasion at all…but lent? I just don’t understand why you’d do it without being religious. 

Is it just me with those thoughts or does anyone agree? 

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2 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. I’m 1000% with you. every single year I’m finding myself more perplexed as to when Easter is, I absolutely swear that a few years ago I was celebrating it in Late March. Heck, I bought a load of eggs last week under the guise that it was Easter the following day. Suffice to say the eggs didn’t last the week.

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    • Glad I’m not the only one lol I bought myself an Easter egg a few weeks ago just because Easter Egg chocolate tastes so good lol but now it’s actually Easter I’ve got fuck all chocolate in my house!


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