100 Random Facts About Me

I’ve seen loads of people doing this on instagram etc lately so thought I’d join in while I’m laying in bed unable to sleep! I’ve chucked in a couple of photos too. Enjoy!

1. I am an only child, though I sometimes wish I had a sibling I was close to. 

2. I have over 60 tattoo designs tattooed on my body (I stopped counting after that)

3. My most painful tattoo was my back piece. I actually cried it hurt so much but my tattooist didn’t realise (I’m easy to tattoo I don’t move about etc) until his son came in and asked if I was ok and handed me a box of tissues! 

4. Staying with the tattoo theme, my least painful tattoo has been anywhere on my arms, and my left shin. 

5. I was born on my due date, which apparently only 4% of people are. 

6. I have completely flat feet. (Feet are meant to have an arch in the middle but mine don’t at all) which causes them to hurt and effects my ankles, knees and hips if I walk too far. 

7. I fractured my ankle without realising until a year or more later when I had an X-ray for an ankle injury and they assumed I’d used crutches before for it when I was totally oblivious to it. 

8. I love Disney. Especially the songs. 

9. My number one idol and inspiration is and always will be David Bowie. 

10. I have extremely low confidence levels. 

11. I absolutely HATE my ears, I never wear my hair up in public or around people I’m not comfortable with. 

12. I used to have my right nipple pierced, but took it out a few years ago as I kept catching it on towels when getting out the bath and drying myself. 

13. I currently have twelve piercings, though at one point I had over twenty.

14. I’m a people watcher. I like watching the world go by and figuring out what sort of people others are. 

15. People in general fascinate me. Whether it’s their personality, health, mental state, crimes, religion etc. 

16. I am extremely protective. 

17. I actually wish I didn’t get my left sleeve tattoo as it was an impulse decision and really dark. I actually want to try tattooing over some of it with white ink to lighten it enough to cover with something else more colourful rather than black. (I don’t like the idea of laser removal) 

18. I used to be part of a motorbike group for a couple of years called Street Fighters Owners Club (I can’t ride a motorbike but I was friends with the vice president of the club)

19. I have had to perform CPR on someone before who had passed out and stopped breathing for a moment. 

20. I’m allergic to all types of pastry. Which by the way, absolutely sucks!! 

21. Growing old terrifies me because it’s ‘closer to death’ which also scares me.

22. I’m quite an anxious scaredy cat nowadays. 

23. I very very rarely drink alcohol anymore. 

24. My last ‘serious’ relationship was back in 2012. 

25. I actually have a pretty high level of knowledge when it comes to mental health issues and some medical issues that a lot of people don’t realise. 

26. I wouldn’t mind working in a funeral home, I’d like to either help families organise the service or actually get the deceased dressed and ‘well presented’ for their service. 

27. I used to go to church quite often when I was younger. Not because I’m religious (I’m not) but because I enjoyed Sunday school where we’d get to make stuff. 

28. I’m quite an insecure person. 

29. I worry far too much. 

30. I used to get told that I come across as scary and intimidating, which I never really understood as I’ve always been small built and quiet (unless you piss me off). 

31. I don’t exercise enough or eat enough healthy stuff. I have a tendency of getting into a ‘lazy loop’ where I’ll wear comfy clothes/pjays, no makeup, messy hair and just stuff my face with absolute shite. 

32. I get pretty lonely, sometimes I wish I still lived with my mum for the company, but in the same respect I love having a house just for me and my daughter. I guess I miss the option of having company, as here I don’t have any friends (closest I have to friends round here is random people I speak to through various social media thingys) 

33. I find it difficult to get on with girls. I’ve always got along better with men as I have no time for the bitchy squealy kinda girls, and I always felt like the ‘ugly friend’ when I’ve been with a group of girls. 

34. My eyes are naturally dark green but they often change colour to a kind of browny grey colour. 

35. My hair used to be naturally really curly as a kid. 

36. My fingernails are stupidly weak and never grow very well so they’re usually really short. 

37. I have 3 ‘tea stain’ birthmarks.

38. I was 14 when I got my first tattoo, and by the age of 16 I had 4 tattoos. 

39. I met the authors Jacqueline Wilson and Terry Deary when I was younger. JW was at a book signing in Waterstones and TD was part of a history school trip. 

40. In junior school I was obsessed with Tudor times it was my favourite history subject we studied. Though I can’t remember a lot of it now. 

41. I used to be really good at speaking German in my first two years of senior school. 

42. I can’t speak some sign language. I know the alphabet so if I don’t know the sign for a word atleast I can spell it out. 

43. I am extremely sentimental over things and find it hard to get rid of stuff (I have kept a LOT of my daughters baby clothes got example) 

44. Part of me would like to have a second child at some point to give my daughter someone else she can talk to/play with etc, as it can be lonely being an only child. 

45. I’m not overly fussed about marriage, infact I’d rather just stay engaged to someone rather than spend all that money on a wedding and go through all the drama of divorce if it didn’t work. 

46. I think I fall for people too easily. If I like someone, then I usually know pretty quickly that I like them (if that makes any sense) 

47. A lot of people often assume I’m older than I am as I’ve always been pretty mature and level headed for my age. 

48. I probably swear far too much. 

49. I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome last year which can be really uncomfortable and makes me anxious about eating out with people. 

50. I can’t eat burgers how most people eat them. I have to either cut them into 4, or eat them layer by layer. 

52. Since the ages of 16 I have had 7 jobs. 

53. I attended college for 10 days after leaving school doing an Art course which I hated and the tutor hated me. 

54. My favourite school subject was English.

55. My least favourite school subject was Maths or ICT. 

56. I wish I’d of had the confidence to do dancing when I was younger. 

57. I sing every day. 

58. I talk to myself a lot. 

59. I’m always forgetting what I went into a room for. 

60. I am pretty good with money/budgeting.

61. I’m rather anxious about ever sleeping with another man again (it’s been a while…4 years! Think I’m a born again virgin haha!) 

62. If someone strokes my nose it makes me fall asleep or atleast become really tired. 

63. I am stupidly ticklish. I can even tickle myself it’s horrible. 

64. I hate the word “moist”

65. I can be impatient with certain things. 

66. I hate how I look. 

67. I can not go a day without eating atleast one bit of chocolate. 

68. I hate not knowing the plan, like if I’m getting picked up to go somewhere I have to know the exact time I can’t just have someone say “between 1 and 2” you have to tell me a shorter time scale or my anxiety and stress levels rise. 

69. I can obsess over numbers if I allow myself to slip into the habit. 

70. A big part of me would like to be in a relationship, but I’m so used to it being just me and my daughter I don’t know how I’d handle it. 

71. I like routine to a certain extent- like every day I know my mum phones me between 4-4:30 for example. If it goes past 4:30 and I haven’t heard from her I text her in a slight panic. 

72. I’ve never had a passport. 

73. I have driven a tractor before. 

74. I have moved house 13 times and been homeless twice inbetween. (Longest being when I was pregnant from November to March/April) 

75. I have always hated how my body looks. 

76. I used to use tattoos as a kind of form of ‘self harm’, if I was having a shit time I’d go and get a tattoo to distract myself. 

77. I can never decide what colour/style I want my hair to be. 

78. I am a massive fan of the band Steps, and have actually chatted to Claire Richards recently. 

79. I never know how to accept complements from people. 

80. I hate being centre of attention. 

81. I am pretty clumsy I’m always walking into door frames or dropping stuff etc. 

82. I don’t drink tea often, but if I do it has to be very milky with between 4-6 sugars depending on my mood. 

83. I’m a bath person not a shower person as I hate getting water in my eyes/face.

84. I don’t tend to message people first very often as I feel like I’m being annoying. 

85. I have a silly amount of soft toys. 

86. I have done a few photoshoots in my past, which I wasn’t overly confident on doing. 

87. I’m a nightmare to go to a pub with as I’m very critical of how they pour drinks and hand glasses over. 

88. I am not afraid to put in complaints about anything whether it’s a faulty item or bad food in a restaurant. 

89. A lot of people think I’m pretty confident because I stand up for myself and don’t stand for any shit, but inside I’m really not. 

90. I cry quite often. Very very rarely infront of anyone though. 

91. I used to love the dark and going walking at silly o’clock, but now I hate the dark and won’t go out at night at all. 

92. I’ve always preferred quieter places to loud busy places. 

93. I’m not easily shocked. 

94. I don’t like surprises, especially if it’s like a surprise party or if someone was to propose to me in public infront of people. 

95. I have really small skinny thumbs that a lot of people find hilarious/cute when they realise. Also got pretty small hands but ling fingers. 

96. My first kiss was when I was around 13 I think which was a guy called Matt. 

97. I lost my virginity when I was 15 (or just before I can’t remember) but I won’t name him publicly as he was a little bit older than me and people get funny about that these days even though it was 100% consensual etc (for the record he wasn’t an old man. Think he was 18/19) 

98. I used to talk in my sleep.

99. ‘Romantically’ I prefer men to be older and taller than me. (I’m 5″9, and my ‘age rule’ is usually aslong as your closer to my age than my mums age then it’s fine. I would never go for someone my mums age or older, she’s 42 I’m 23) 

100. I used to go to a lot of metal gigs (friends were in a death metal band so I’d help them set up and keep them sober etc) even though I don’t particularly like the very heavy metal vocals. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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