What I’d be like as a girlfriend. 

This is going to sound like a personal add now haha! But I thought I’d have a think about what I’d be like as a girlfriend now seeing as I’ve been single for quite a long time! So here’s some basic points about me and how I’d be as a girlfriend nowadays. 

1. To start with, I’m not like a lot of girls I don’t want you to buy me the world; I’d honestly be happy with a nice card and a chocolate bar for xmas and birthdays. 

2. I’m not the kind of girl that has to dress up all the time. I like wearing my trackies indoors with no makeup and messy hair, it’s not true love if you can’t accept your partner in their lazy comfy state! 

3. I’m not afraid to eat a whole large pizza to myself, I’ve never understood why a lot of girls will only eat tiny portions if healthy food nfront of guys even if they’re hungry…hand me the menu! 

4. I would much rather go for a walk to a local cosy pub, along the beach, or go somewhere interesting like the zoo or museum. I’m not keen on shopping so there would be no dragging a man around the same shop for three hours to find a handbag. 

5. I’d choose a night in with good food, TV, and cuddles on the sofa over a night out to a club or over priced restaurant. 

6. I actually have a sense of humour (which a lot of people lack!) So messing around and taking the piss out of each other (in a playful way not nasty) is always fun.

7. I’m not clingy, but I am ‘touchy’ when I wanna be. I enjoy cuddles, holding hands,giving massages etc as I like the closeness it’s like a safety blanket.

8. I will do ‘cute’ things like leaving little notes or gifts like your favourite drink or snack etc. 

9. I don’t have to be with a man 24/7, as long as I can trust him and I atleast get a few texts every day I’m happy. (Years ago I hated being apart, but I like my own space sometimes now)

10. I’m quite old fashioned in the sense that if I’m at home and my boyfriend is out working, his dinner will be on the table for him when he comes in, or I’d do things like make his lunch etc. 

11. I’m not the type to hide my phone, if you want to know who I’m talking to I’ll happily show you. 

12. I don’t get embarrassed in public when it comes to things like holding hands or cuddling while in a line in a shop etc, I know some people hate their partners touching them in pubic, but with me if they want to put their hand on my bum then it doesn’t bother me.

13. I will not be told how I can and can’t dress, or what I can and can’t like- I’m independent, accept it or leave.

14. I’m not really a sports fan, but I won’t complain about football etc, I’ll either show a genuine interest or I’ll just amuse myself while he watches it. 

15. The main one is that I am a mum before a girlfriend, a man will have to understand that my daughter is my top priority over everyone and everything. If he ignores my daughter, or doesn’t make an effort with her I will end it, simple as. She’s basically got to be treated as if she’s his own child. 

16. I’m not keen on big surprises as I hate being centre of attention.

17. I’m faithful and if a man isn’t then he’s gone I refuse to be treated badly again. 

I guess these days I am just more chilled out than I used to be. I just want a nice, chilled drama free life. Being single doesn’t scare me (I’ve been alone a long time) so if I’m unhappy or treated badly I won’t just stay with someone to not be single. 

I think now I’m a mum, I don’t want to mess around or waste time, I want a stable genuine relationship with someone who truly wants to be part of my life and loves me for who I am. 

Have you changed much from being single a while? What would you be like in a relationship?

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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