My Current David Bowie ‘Homeware’ Collection

I’ve mentioned before that I have always adored David Bowie, not just for his music and acting, but as himself David Robert Jones. I currently have a collection of David Bowie photos up in my home, and I plan on adding to it so that every room has something Bowie related in it. I thought you might like to have a nose through my collection as it is at the moment. 


Christmas2016 my mum got me this cushion and I genuinely got teary eyed looking at it. 

She also got me this Jareth Pop Figure too. 

 My mum also made me a huge Bowie blanket…

Years ago my mum got me these labyrinth figures that I’ve never taken out of the box- it’s actually quite hard to get hold of this one now. 

This is a painting I done myself…

And this one is a drawing my mum done for me 

This is a painting my Nan bought me in Yorkshire on our holiday from a market stall

This is a ‘replica’ of the necklace he wears in Labyrinth, and a necklace EmilyBoo (YouTuber) made of the worm from Labyrinth

Here are the rest of my current collection of photos and posters currently in my living room…

And these two are on the walls of my staircase so that every day I start my day with something that makes me happy when I go downstairs in the mornings. 


I plan on getting more photos/posters up, more cushions, doing some more artwork and getting some lyrics either painted on walls or in sticker form. When I eventually have a car, I’ve already saved a David Bowie car sticker to my Amazon wish list to put on it. Maybe I’m a little obsessed, but David Bowie has always made me happy and helped me through hard times, so I want him around me all the time. 


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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