Chatty Tuesday

Good morning everyone I hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend. For some reason yesterday I kept thinking it was Sunday so didn’t post…oops! It got to about 7pm last night when I realised it was in fact Monday and I hadn’t posted on here, but I decided to leave it as the post I have planned is a pretty heavy serious topic that I will post later on once my phone is charged up a bit! I will also be posting tomorrow instead of Thursday this week too as my mum is coming over Thursday to be with me for my birthday on Friday. So I apologise for the ‘change of schedule’ this week! 


I wish the postman would hurry up, I’m waiting for a letter from my lovely friend, my books and papers for my distance learning course, and a birthday present I’ve ordered for my mum. I don’t like our new postman all that much. We used to have a middle aged gentleman who was ever so quiet and shy when he spoke, but he was so friendly and polite but I haven’t seen him around for ages. There’s a female postie who I’ve warmed to, she used to be a bit grumpy but now she is more chatty and will say hello in passing. There’s also a younger lad who seems alright but he’s often on the phone when he knocks to give you a parcel which I think is rather rude. The new postman is an older man who pretty much throws your parcels at you and barely speaks! 


I got a birthday card from my dad on Friday (he always posts stuff early) which is the first card I’ve got so far, be interesting to see what family members remember my birthday and what friends do (without the help of facebook!) We shall see! 

One of my friends is apparently making me something, but won’t tell me what it is! So I don’t know if she’s planning on sending that as a birthday present or just as a random gift afterwards. Be interesting to see what it is, she’s brilliant with the stuff she makes. 

I was hoping to go to MacDonalds either Thursday or Friday but it doesn’t look very likely as my step-dad is busy with farm stuff unfortunately, but I think mums gonna make me dinner on Thursday. 


Well I think that’s enough rambling, my phone is on 7% so I need to plug it in before writing up my post meant for yesterday. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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