Little rant time!

I am SO sick of people. As an individual, I spend a lot of my time helping others as much as I can even if it’s just simply listening and talking to them. I never expect anything in return as I don’t do it for personal gain I do it because I like helping people. I’m also a very sentimental person, I like to do things that have a sentimental reason behind them if that makes sense? Well I’m telling you now, some people really do make me wish I had it in me to just be a dickhead like they are…but I physically can’t do it without feeling awful and guilty.


1. A lad I have known for a few years who had only just started talking to me again a few months back after being in a shitty relationship causing him to fall out with me. I thought we’d finally started getting our friendship back, I spent time writing him a story as an old personal joke thing we had, and posted it off to him which he claimed to love. A few days ago the mention of weed came into our convo- I’m all for the use of cannabis oil for medical purposes, but I do not agree with using it as a recreational drug- I’ve had so many arguments with smokers about the potential risks of smoking weed and every single one of them always claims its totally 100% harmless (which I know for a fact it isn’t as not only have I seen the proof but it was a module in my course on mental health) so I didn’t wish to get into yet another debate about it with a smoker who was supposed to be my friend, even more so as I hadn’t been awake long and I’m not really a morning person. Instead of just accepting it, this so called friend has now blocked me on whatsapp, snapchat and instagram with no explanation why. That is the bit that annoys me, that I’m not given a reason why. But hey shit happens next week I’m getting my upgrade and will ask to change my number and I just won’t bother giving him my new number as I’m fed up of being picked up and chucked down again. 

2. God parents. Now I’m not religious, but when I was pregnant I read that there’s a kinda non religious version of God Parents and it’s actually called Odd Parents. I chose 3 odd parents for my daughter. The first was my mums friend who was also my second birthing partner (she worked in the maternity hospital as a kind of midwife assistant) because I was so grateful for her help when I was in labour and the first few weeks of being a mum. However, the novelty wore off and I stopped hearing from her and haven’t seen her since the day before I moved away in 2014. The second person I stupidly chose, was someone who I thought was a best friend. He had been making sure I was ok and came to visit me when no one else would, but then he got a girlfriend and totally forgot me and my daughter existed. The third was a lad I’d been friends with for a few years who meant a lot to me, and he at first said how he was honoured etc, sent me a couple of books to read to my daughter when she’s older, would ask how she was at least once a week, phoned me on my birthday…then he just stopped. I actually can’t remember the last time I had a proper conversation with him. In hindsight, there’s two people I wish I had chosen instead, and that’s Andrew and Lindsay, because I know that they would of both kept in contact etc but I didn’t pick Andrew because…well I don’t actually know why to be honest. It’s stupid seeing as he was my closest friend…who knows! And with Lindsay at the time I didn’t get to see her much or speak much as she worked stupid amount of hours back then. It just annoys me that I ‘invited’ those three people into my daughters life and none of them bother to even ask how she is now. Shows how much we mean to them I guess eh! 

3. Royal mail. Why is it when you’re expecting certain things in the post, it either takes forever to arrive or all you get is junk mail and fucking annoying leaflets of people begging for you to vote for them to screw the town up or shop leaflets for places I’d never go to or bloody weight watchers cards!! I don’t vote because I don’t know enough about politics to make an educated decision, I don’t want to shop in over priced garden centres, and I don’t need reminding that I’m not as skinny as I used to be!! Also, this bollox about ‘mail getting lost’. I’m sorry but in this day in age I find it hard to believe that things can get lost. I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve got someone else’s post because whoever sorted the postmans deliveries out couldn’t be bothered to check for the correct door number! But unlike many, I’m an honest decent person who simply puts it back in the postbox to be delivered to the correct person. Last Xmas my dad saved up some money to send for me and my daughter, and the card never arrived even though it was posted way before Xmas and sent first class, but when he sent a second card without money in it with a second class stamp it arrived the next day! Now I believe either a member of staff has realised there was money in it and kept it, or, it was posted through the wrong door and that person has selfishly kept it for themselves. 


Sorry for the random little rant. I get moments where I really hate people haha! So thought I’d let off some steam before attempting to sleep! You’re welcome…haha!

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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