How To Be A Decent Person

Without sounding up my own arse, I think I’m a pretty decent person. Don’t get me wrong, I get my bad days but everyone does! I thought I’d share with you some things that I believe makes you a decent person. 


1. Smiling at strangers- I always smile at anyone that makes eye contact with me whether I know them or not, as you never know what demons someone is fighting, and sometimes just a simple smile can brighten their day even just for that moment. 

2. Being Polite- simple things like saying “thank you” to the shop worker when they hand you your change, holding the door for someone, saying please and excuse me. All very simple and effective. 


3. Offering Help Without Wanting A Reward- if you’re able to help someone then do it, but don’t do it expecting something in return, just do it to simply help. See an elderly person struggling to reach an item on a shelf while shopping? Instead of walking past, stop and ask if they need help it only takes a few seconds.

4. Listen- whether it’s an old person telling war stories, or your friend talking about their dickhead boss; take the time to listen. Sometimes all someone wants is to share stories or offload, and you should think yourself lucky it’s you they feel comfortable enough with to share their thoughts with. 


5. Have Respect For Yourself, Others, Animals And Surroundings- don’t go and get so off your face that you don’t know what you’re doing, for a start you could do something you regret, and secondly you could put yourself in danger. By all means have fun, but look after yourself too. Address people how they want to be addressed; if they wish to be called by their first name then do it, not everyone likes being called things like ‘love’, ‘darlin’, and ‘babe’, some actually find it patronising and condescending (I HATE being called ‘love’). Regarding animals- don’t harm them or irritate them, and give them space. If they want your attention they’ll come to you, and don’t allow children to pull animals about then wonder why they get hurt! Teach kids to respect animals too. Respecting the environment around you is easy- do simple things like putting rubbish in a bin rather than chucking it on the floor; when using public toilets don’t leave used tissue/paper towels everywhere; when visiting somewhere like a hospital always sanitize your hands and keep in mind there are sick people that don’t wish to be disturbed by you shouting or bringing in really smelly food to eat, just be aware of your surroundings and what you’re doing.  


6. Don’t Be A Judgemental Prick- this is something I’ve faced a lot being heavily tattooed. People assume I’m some thug with no respect etc. Now we are all guilty of maybe looking at someone and assuming what type of person they are it’s human nature, but what makes you a judgemental prick is when you won’t look past ‘the cover’ or get to know the person; you could be pleasantly surprised. 


7. Don’t Be Greedy- eg. You’re in a super market and see that baby milk is on special offer, instead of emptying the shelf, just get what you NEED because otherwise the family who took 3 buses to get there to buy an essential item to feed their baby will be left with nothing and have to frantically try to find another way to get what their child needs. 

8. Just Don’t Be Nasty!- don’t shout abuse at people as they walk by, or bully someone who maybe can’t afford the latest fashion trend. If it doesn’t directly effect you, then leave them alone! 


9. Be Honest But Constructive- you should always tell the truth, you just need to know how to word it well to not offend, anger or upset people; it’s the same method as using constructive criticism, every person handles truth differently so you need to know how to talk to them effectively. 


10. Be Patient- don’t try to push past the elderly person walking slowly infront of you, if you’re really in a rush then ask them politely if you can go past them. If you’re a driver, then PLEASE be patient with learners, you had to learn once too so don’t be an arse doing unsafe maneuvers to over take or driving really close to them, it doesn’t make them go any faster it makes them more nervous and more likely to stall etc. When it’s safe to do so a decent instructor will tell their pupil to pull over to let you pass. 


There are lots of other ways to be a decent person, but I’ll leave it as a nice rounded number of 10. 

What do you think makes a decent person? 

πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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