My 24th Birthday

Well it’s here, 5th of May…my birthday, and this year I am 24. 

My mum stayed over last night so that she could be here when I woke up this morning. We came downstairs and she gave me the presents she had got for me from her, my step-dad and my daughter; a handmade crochet teddy (that has really strange wool that I love the texture of, I can’t even explain what it feels like. I’m one of those touchy people I walk through shops stroking the blankets etc lol) a Pop Figure of Sarah and The Worm from labyrinth, James Blunt new album (I’ve got all his albums so had to have his new one which by the way is awesome), the Trolls Soundtrack (which is from my daughter as it’s her favourite film lol), Giovanna Fletcher’s book Happy Mum Happy Baby and some chocolate that I forgot to take a photo of.

My mum also got me a little chocolate Birthday cake that she put some David Bowie rice paper pictures on…which I ate 3/4 of it all to myself. It’s my birthday I’m allowed to be fat for a day! (As if I need an excuse to eat chocolate cake) 

Mum then went home at around 2pm this afternoon, which just left myself and my daughter to chill infront of the TV watching Paw Patrol pretty much all day! Though she is now fast asleep leaving me and the TV! 


I always appreciate every card, present and message on my birthday. They do genuinely mean a lot to me. Though I have never been keen on my birthday itself. I don’t like being centre of attention, the only party I ever had was when I was about 5 and had friends over for party games and cake etc…I even hated that because I didn’t like my mum paying attention to other kids (I’m an only child so was used to her only picking me up etc but my friends little sister came and wanted to be carried by my mum so I got jealous) since then I would just spend it with family (mainly mum and nan) then as I got older I had a few camp outs at the farm or would go to the pub but it was never specifically for my birthday it was just a piss up. Birthdays have always made me feel kinda lonely in a sense regarding my friends, like when I was at school the others would be walking round with bags of gifts, loads of birthday badges and balloons etc whereas I would only get a couple of cards…think there was one year I had a badge and balloon but usually the only person in my ‘school group’ that would really bother with my Birthday was Sofie. So that would make me feel kinda left out I guess. In senior school some of the girls would only come over to my house because they knew my mum was more chilled out than theirs put together (she’d go across to her friends house or when we lived on the farm we’d be in one of the small fields and mum would just leave us to it). It seems the older I get the less friends I have to be honest, which doesn’t bother me I’d rather have a few true friends than loads of fake ones. Birthdays just make me feel kinda shitty I guess…maybe it’s true what the poem says: Wednesday’s Child Is Full Of Woe. I’m just grateful I’ve got a handful of decent people in my life, and a mum who never fails to get me good presents and a chocolate cake! 

Does anyone else dislike birthdays? Or is it just me? 


All back to normal tomorrow, I’m going to try and read some more of Girl Online and get that finished so that I can start Happy Mum Happy Baby πŸ™‚ also got to do more theory and hazard perception practice. Wednesday next week I gotta pop into the local town to search for a toilet training seat for my daughter, birthday cards for my dad, mum and daughter, fathers day cards, and maybe birthday presents for mum and my daughter. I think I might try and be brave and wear a skirt for a change…I haven’t gone out in a skirt with skin coloured tights on in god knows how long, I usually put thick black tights on but maybe I should try and be brave for a change, get out of my comfort zone for a day. You wait I say this now and I’ll go out in jeans and a baggy jumper haha! We shall see! Also depends how cold it is on Wednesday. 


Anyway, enough rambling, time to finish watching Eastenders…so rock and roll!


πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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