Gund Review: Pusheen Sushi Cat

I recently received this gorgeous pusheen cat from Gund, and I just had to share it with you. 

This sushi cat is perfect size for cuddling and is so unbelievably soft it’s soothing to snuggle up with. This plush toy has a beanie bum so is able to sit up without falling over. 

Another good thing about sushi cat, is that I believe it’s safe for young children to play with as there’s no beaded eyes or small parts that can come off. Also, within five minutes of unboxing my daughter got excited and grabbed hold of it for a cuddle accidentally getting chocolate on it, which came off with ease just using a baby wipe and you wouldn’t know it even happened. Wipe clean is always handy for parents with toddlers haha!

Gund have some beautiful gifts available on their website, not just pusheen cats but lots more too, it’s definitely worth checking them out on

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