Robin Williams

Robin Williams has always been one of my favourite actors, whether it’s voicing an animated character like the genie in Aladdin, or playing someone in a movie like Patch Adams. He’s also a brilliant stand up comedian. Robin done a lot for charity and homeless people, and always came across so caring and genuine in interviews etc. If you haven’t already, you need to watch the video of Robin meeting KoKo the gorilla, it’s beautiful. 

Like a fair few comedians, Robin Williams battled depression, and in later years was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. 


On August 11th 2014, Robin Williams was pronounced dead due to asphyxiation- he hung himself in his bathroom. This news came as a huge shock to fans, though so many people believe his suicide was down to his depression; this isn’t totally correct. 

There is a documentary called Autopsy:The Last Hours Of Robin Williams which explains the true cause of his suicide. 

As I mentioned, Robin had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease- unfortunately Parkinson’s can lead to Lewybody Dementia, which according to his autopsy is what Robin had (he was unaware of this and only diagnosed after death). When I was a carer, most of the people I cared for had various forms of dementia, one of which had lewybody dementia, so I have seen the effects first hand. 

What has lewybody dementia got to do with suicide you ask? Well, Lewybody Dementia can cause the individual to experience suicidal thoughts and tendencies aswell as become paranoid; so having Lewybody dementia ontop of depression aswell as Parkinson’s isn’t a great mix- ultimately, it was the Lewybody dementia that caused Robin to commit suicide. 

One thing that angered me about the autopsy documentary was the ‘last hours’ part. It mentioned how Robin had been acting strange- that he put all his expensive watches into a sock and drove them over to a friend telling him to keep them safe, and it was later found that Robin had been looking up on the internet various medications etc to do with his illness (he obviously knew something wasn’t right). The reason this makes me angry, is because his wife and friend did nothing about his strange behaviour- they could of stopped his death from happening if they seeked medical/professional help as soon as he started acting strange. Think about it, if someone you love was frantically stuffing watches into a sock to take to a friends house, you wouldn’t just stand back and let it happen would you? Or if you were the friend he took the sock of watches to, surely you’d think ‘hey this is odd behavior something isn’t right here’ and do something to get help- I know I would, I wouldn’t let him out of my sight acting like that, it seems like common sense to me to get help when someone is acting strange and irrational…but maybe it’s just me? 

My point is, if his wife and friend had done something Robin could of been diagnosed with Lewybody dementia while alive and receive the help and support needed and not have taken his own life. 


Have you seen the autopsy documentary o mentioned? What are your thoughts? 

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